Carrie Underwood Highlights Best Tour Moments & Thanks Fans On Instagram

Vivien KillileaGetty Images for Sirius XM

Carrie Underwood went on Instagram to post some of her favorite tour moments and to thank her devoted fans for turning out by the thousands to take part in her current “Cry Pretty 360” tour.

The singer and songwriter posted two photos and one video to the social media sharing site to show fans who might have not been able to attend one of her shows what the experience is really like. The video showed Carrie singing, working with her band members, and entertaining fans. The highlight reel also featured multiple outfit changes as well, featuring shows in Houston, Texas, and Lafayette, Louisiana. Fans were also seen in the crowd barely containing their excitement as they sang along to some of the most iconic tunes of her 14-year career in the spotlight.

The still photos from the shows helped to capture the essence of what attending a Carrie Underwood performance is really like, featuring the overall chills fans experience as the former American Idol winner thrills concertgoers every time she appears on stage.

The Inquisitr previously reported that Carrie also showed her fans what her regular day-to-day life is on tour, which includes precious time spent with her family, including husband Mike Fisher and sons Isaiah and Jacob. In another tour highlight reel, the cameras captured an adorable moment between Carrie and Isaiah when the little boy kissed his mommy when she came off the stage.

Having her sons and husband with her on tour is one of the best perks of being away from home for Carrie, who continues to enjoy time spent with her clan during her hours offstage.

People Magazine reported that life in the Underwood/Fisher clan continues to go on as usual, albeit in a different manner, while the family continues to ride out the remainder of the singer’s tour schedule. This includes moments like trying to perform a soundcheck while your sons want your attention, being called names like “carefree underwear” by your oldest child, and workout selfies posted as a source of inspiration to prioritize health and fitness not only for the singer but for her fans as well.

Carrie also relies on her steadfast religious beliefs to keep her positive throughout the tour. She prays daily and has been open about her faith to her fans, stating to People that she relied on her strong belief in God after suffering three miscarriages: two in 2017 and one in 2018 prior to the birth of her son Jacob.

She also said to People Magazine that while she feels she may not carry any more biological children, she and Fisher may consider other options to expand their family in the future, including adoption. The couple “always talk about it and about doing it when our children are a little older,” she stated.

Carrie Underwood will continue to perform on her “Cry Pretty 360” tour through October 31.