TweetDeck Is Almost Dead

TweetDeck, the mobile Twitter application, is almost dead.

The people behind Twitter, one of the simplest social networks for the moment, have announced that they will no longer support TweetDeck after May 2013. Twitter wants to focus more on its desktop web side.

So this makes us wonder, what do we do now if we solely use Twitter on our phones due to its simplicity?

CNet gives us a few options to look into in the absence of the much-favored TweetDeck.

Tweetbot is a popular (if not free) alternative to TweetDeck, with its well-designed interface, gesture-based controls, and all the tools you need to browse and interact with the site. Absent are the swipable columns of TweetDeck. However, the buttons at the bottom can be easily used to navigate between your timeline, direct messages, and mentions. You also get two more “soft” buttons which activate customizable pop-up menus to assign your most-used actions.

HootSuite gives you a lot more than you had with TweetDeck. One application window lets you sign in to your Twitter, Facebook, and Foursquare accounts, so you can browse and post messages and statuses from all three social-networking services. HootSuite‘s beauty really lies in its multitasking. The “Compose message” screen allows you to post to multiple accounts, attach pictures, and shorten links. HootSuite even gives you the option to schedule posts for later.

Plume is another free alternative to TweetDeck. It doesn’t look as pretty as others, but it holds its own. The multiple columns thing is here as well, giving you the ability to organize your contacts and Facebook if you so desire. Compared to Carbon and Falcon Pro, Plume may be the ugly duckling, but it handles like a swan.

TweetLine gives you a simpler interface, but it’s clean and intuitive, and even lets you see trending topics, which TweetDeck didn’t.

With these alternatives, what do you think about the death of TweetDeck?