Former ‘Black Ink Crew’s’ Jadah Blue Spreads Legs In Cheerleader Outfit

Jadah BlueInstagram

Former Black Ink Crew star Jadah Blue recently shared a series of fiery Instagram updates. They showed her rocking a cheerleader outfit, as she struck various poses at the gym.

In particular, there was one photo where she sat down, spreading her legs. The cheerleader skirt fell down to censor the image while she placed her arms on her thighs and knee. Jadah gave a fierce look with her lips pursed and wore her hair down in pigtails. She crimped her hair for the occasion.

Blue’s outfit wasn’t a traditional cheerleader’s outfit, but rather a sexier take on the attire. It included a black corset-like top, which gave way to a white-and-red mini skirt. In addition, she sported a white top with a high neckline and long sleeves. However, she was still able to show off her cleavage, thanks to the cut of the white top.

Jadah completed her look with a pair of high socks with three horizontal stripes. She also wore a pair of impressive, white platform shoes that added inches to her height.

This photo was liked over 5,500 times.

Blue also shared another update from the same photoshoot and it included a photo and a behind-the-scenes video.

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The photo showed Jadah hanging from a bar, as she bent her knees and lifted her legs into the air. She flashed a big smile, revealing more details of her corset top. It had glittery accents on the right side along with two yellow varsity letters.

She also shared a video, which showed her laughing as she grabbed a hold of the bars but caught herself spinning to the left. The behind-the-scenes look certainly made it seem like the crew was having a good time.

Between the two updates, Jadah received a ton of love from her fans.

“You f*ckin did that!! Yasssss goddess,” said a fan.

“Baddie blue come through!!” exclaimed another fan.

“I really feel like I might be in love,” said a follower.

Meanwhile, there was an Instagram user that had a question about Blue.

“I’m not understanding what it is that she does,” they said.

This prompted Jadah to invite the Instagram user to Google her name. Even so, they still were left with questions. With that being said, Blue took the time to explain.

“Black ink was a stepping stone, not an end goal! If you like r&b music.. you can click the link in my bio and tell me how you like one of my songs from my upcoming project,” she said.