‘Dancing With The Stars’ Recap For Week 2 Season 28: One Contestant Tops The Leaderboard, Another Is Out

Angela Weiss

At the beginning of Week 2 of Dancing with the Stars’ Season 28, the nervous contestants knew one of them would be going home at the end of Monday night’s performances. Before then, however, they had to get through two hours of dancing.

The Office actress Kate Flannery and pro Pasha Pashkov danced the cha-cha, as promised, and the couple earned a stellar score of 21 out of 30. However, after that, The Bachelorette‘s Hannah Brown and pro Alan Bersten took over the top of the leaderboard, scoring 24 out of a possible 30 for their Viennese waltz.

Alan chose to choreograph their number to Taylor Swift’s new anthem “Lover.” They filled their performance with falling petal confetti from the beginning to the end and danced under blue and pink lights. The two hugged after they finished. Apparently, the handsome pair felt good about their performance.

The Bachelorette star and her suave pro partner looked as if they had been dancing together for a very long time. As they waltzed, not one step seemed to be out of sync and every step seemed graceful and effortless.

Carrie Ann Inaba called their dance “ridiculously good” while stating that the waltz “whisked” her away to another world. She asked if Hannah had been holding herself back the week before, to which the reality star admitted she had been. She said she wasn’t as comfortable that first week because she was performing first.

“Now we’re in business,” Bruno Tonioli, the master of effusiveness, proclaimed. The Italian judge, who deemed Hannah and Alan’s dance “Oscar-worthy,” called Hannah “a real American beauty” who sent him into “a romantic dream” world.

Len was the only naysayer amongst the three judges. At first, he was hard on the couple, dinging their performance because they employed reverse turns instead of natural turns. However, he did admit the pair possessed dynamic musicality through their arms. With his final breath, Len admitted theirs was the best dance of the evening.

Sadly, that best dance was also the last dance of the evening, which meant someone would soon be on their way home.

Despite their weaknesses, both Lamar Odom and Sean Spicer were safe in the competition for another week. Mary Wilson and Ray Lewis were the two stars up for Season 28’s first elimination.

So who was ultimately chosen to go home?

The judges were tasked with choosing between these two celebrities, and they were divided. Carrie Ann voted to save Mary but Bruno voted to save Ray. This meant Len was in the unenviable position of being the tie-breaker. He wasn’t happy about choosing either of the two dancers to go home, saying there were others who were not as strong as either of them still safe. However, in the end, the judge chose Mary Wilson to leave the competition.

Stay tuned for another week in the ballroom when Dancing With The Stars returns next Monday at 8 p.m., EDT.