Lindsay Lohan Rides Around In A Bikini For ‘Xanax’ Video: ‘Just Say No’

Lindsay Lohan arrives at the 2010 MTV Movie Awards held at the Gibson Amphitheatre at Universal Studios on June 6, 2010.
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Fans have been waiting for Lindsay Lohan to release her new “Xanax” track for weeks, and at the time of writing, they still are. The actress and reality judge has been teasing the new song’s release for a while now over on her Instagram, with today appearing to offer more content. Lindsay’s video today didn’t confirm whether its footage might form parts of a possible music video, but her fans were likely grateful that it was posted.

The 33-year-old appeared to have gone a little gritty with the delivery on the black-and-white video – then again, grainy footage is popular these days. The video played the new “Xanax” track, with plenty of visuals also keeping fans on their toes. Lindsay was seen riding an open-top car. While footage did show outdoor scenery shot from the car, the camera also focused on the famous redhead driving it.

Lindsay appeared free-spirited in a typical Californian way — the star was with friends in the car, with some appearing to dance along to the music — and the actress herself wearing a summery outfit. Lindsay appeared in a black string bikini flaunting her slender and fit frame, also showing off her bottoms in the clip and flashing her well-known smile.

The caption from Lindsay appeared to discuss various aspects of her career. The “Xanax” title of her single was mentioned first, although the hashtag following it suggested some caution on using the drug – perhaps jokingly. Also mentioned was Lindsay’s role on Australia’s version of The Masked Singer, with musician Alma tagged accordingly.

The video quickly racked up the views, as over 4,500 were clocked in the space of 35 minutes. As for the comments, it did seem that fans were desperate for Lindsay to actually release the track.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Lindsay’s social media hints have offered fans a sneak peek at the song’s lyrics.

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“I don’t like the parties in L.A. I go home in a bad mood, pass out, wake up alone. Just to do it all over again,” Lindsay sang to her followers.

“I can’t be in this club. It’s too crowded and I’m f*cked. Ain’t nobody here for love, ain’t nobody care about us. I got social anxiety, but you’re like Xanax to me. Social anxiety, when you kiss me I can’t breathe,” she continued.

Lindsay has yet to clarify when she plans to drop the new track. The star currently seems to have a lot on her plate with promotions for the reality show she features on. Lindsay is also dealing with what might be a little heartbreak, as she is newly single.