‘Black Ink Crew’s’ Young Bae Spreads Legs In Leather

Young BaeInstagram

Young Bae from Black Ink Crew posted a brand new social media post today, and it was all about the vegan leather. This controversial image was initially shared on Young Bae’s Instagram page.

The reality TV star was spotted spreading her legs as she posed on the ground, propped up on all fours. She wore a vegan leather jacket, pairing the top with small bottoms that were hard to see.

Young placed her hands in front of her as she stuck her tongue out for a flirty look. She accessorized with a pair of sunglasses, which were embellished with the words “F*CK OFF” on the lenses. Bae pushed the glasses down the bridge of her nose, allowing her eyes to be seen.

She also wore a sparkling hat, one which was black at the top with a silver brim. The hat also had a couple of chains — one black and one silver.

Her makeup included shimmering, pink eyeshadow and dark mascara. She wore her hair down and swept it over her right shoulder. It didn’t look like Young was wearing a shirt under the jacket, and her cleavage was left on full display.

This new post came six days after another Instagram post, one which showed Bae in the same outfit. The main difference was that this photo zoomed in on her upper body. She bit down on the silver chain that was attached to her hat, flashing a fierce look at the camera.

This update was liked over 24,000 times.

Fans had tons of compliments to pay Bae.

“This has gotta be your sexiest outfit ever,” wrote a fan.

“That looks like an old school Glamor Shot pics ’92,” a second user commented.

“Omg!!!! Just be a model!!! You are beautiful!!” exclaimed a follower.

Furthermore, other admirers were distracted by the type of leather jacket she was wearing.

“Vegan leather there’s really vegan leather out here. Say word we out here wearing vegetable clothing. That’s amazing,” one commenter quipped.

One fan, in particular, shared their love for Bae while discussing some of the events that transpired on Black Ink Crew.

“We you to girl… my god i feld bad for you a few times stuck with baby trying to work.. then being left alone puma replied to a call for help my heart sank for you girl… just carry on being you,” they said.

Hopefully, Bae keeps up her steady stream of sultry photos going in the days to come.