‘Russian Kim Kardashian’ Anastasiya Kvitko Bursts Out Of Eye-Poppingly-Tight Dress That Barely Contains Her

Anastasiya Kvitko takes a selfie
Anastasiya Kvitko / Instagram

Anastasiya Kvitko is back on the ‘Gram. The model, whose “Russian Kim Kardashian” moniker has already been documented by The Inquisitr, might have built her fame on looking like the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star, but this model now comes as a standalone celebrity in her own right. AK has over 10 million Instagram followers — and her fanbase just keeps growing.

A bikini queen she may be, but AK is a fashionista who knows how to switch it up. The brunette comes with a variety of looks, with her most recent one taking things down the slinky route. AK’s photo today showed her looking glamorous beyond belief as she channeled a sexy eveningwear look that was fit for the red carpet. The silver, floor-length dress was embellished with rhinestones and hugged AK’s curves. It was skin-tight around the waist and bust, reminding fans that this girl’s curves are some of the best around. The dress had a risky neckline, delivering a healthy flash of cleavage. The model’s assets appeared to be barely contained by the gown, and one of the straps was falling down off her shoulder.

The lowered strap may have been on purpose for added for effect, though. AK looked ravishing overall. She accessorized the look with silver jewelry that matched her dress and a glammed-up look, showing her followers that her beauty is just as impressive as her curves.

The update quickly proved popular, racking up over 10,000 likes in just 17 minutes. While Kim Kardashian herself can rack up that amount of likes in seconds, AK is gaining ground on her more famous doppelgänger. The model seems to have reached the point where she no longer needs to update her social media on a daily basis — rising models tend to update often. It seems AK’s popularity wouldn’t be harmed if she took a break from the photo-sharing site.

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AK has spoken out about her rise to fame. In an interview with Women’s Fitness, the model spoke of her start in the industry.


“To be a model you have to be very tall and thin. I wasn’t tall but I had a good shapes and curves. Until that moment I didn’t even think about modelling I just liked taking photos of myself. And after that meeting from time to time I started to receive proposals to participate in free shootouts from different photographers in different studios in Moscow. My Instagram account was growing more fast. Once it reached first one hundred thousands of followers. It was unbelievable.”

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