900 Dead Pigs Fished Out Of River In China

Close to 900 dead pigs were found floating in the Huangpu River near Shanghai in China.

(Warning: There is a photos and a video of the dead pigs below.)

Officials started removing the pigs from the river, which is a water source for the citizens of Shanghai, on Friday night. By Saturday they had removed more than 900 dead pigs.

Xu Rong, director of the Songjiang environmental department, said: “We have been picking up dead pigs from morning to night. We cannot do it at night due to safety concerns. We cannot work (all) night, so we usually start (work) at around 6:30am and continue until dark.”

The city’s Agriculture Committee said that they are currently investigating where the pigs came from.

Shanghai’s Agriculture Committee said in a statement that they haven’t found any evidence that the pigs were dumped into the river. The committee also said that there was no evidence that the pigs died from some sort of animal epidemic.

According to China.org, officials do not believe that the 900 dead pigs contaminated the city’s water supply. But in order to be safe, the city said that it would beef up its quality inspection at water intakes to make sure that the water is safe to drink.

900 dead pigs

Here’s a video about the dead animals in the Huangpu River.