Chanel West Coast Gets Leggy In Daisy Dukes

Chanel West Coast wears a tiger print dress.
Jamie McCarthy / Getty Images

Chanel West Coast has been keeping up a steady stream of eye-catching Instagram posts, including a recent update where she rocked a black tank top and jeans. But her social media now seems to be overtaken by her work with LOL Cartel, her clothing line that’s available at Zumiez.

Chanel’s newest post consisted of five photos and one video, showing off her clothing booth at the Rocktember event. The rapper was spotted having a good time as she interacted with fans and highlighted the colorful clothing.

In the first photo, the rapper crouched close to the ground and flashed the “West Coast” hand sign. She propped up her right knee and showed off the backside of her sweater. The sweater was pink, yellow, and blue tie-dye. The graphic appeared to be a marijuana leaf made to look like a palm tree from far away. The use of marijuana on her clothes wouldn’t be a huge surprise to Chanel’s fans, who know her affinity for the drug. After all, one of her recent singles was titled “Sharon Stoned.”

The rapper’s daisy dukes were easier to see in the second, third, and fourth photos. These images revealed that the shorts had frayed hems. They were also fairly small, allowing the rapper to put on a leggy display. She completed her look with a pair of light blue Vans shoes.

The fourth photo, in particular, may have caught many fans’ attention, as it showed Chanel dancing alongside a banana mascot.

The update proved to be popular with her fans, who liked the photo over 11,000 times and left over 150 comments.

Chanel previously announced the brand in a separate Instagram post, which prompted many of her fans to leave comments about the caption and the brand.

“These are your design Chanel?” asked a fan, to which the rapper replied in the affirmative.

“I gotchu Chanellllll keep doing ya thangggg pimp,” another fan said.

“Girl u know i love and respect everything that you do, you are one strong mamma jamma,” said a third follower.

“Looks awesome! Just started following! Keep killing Chanel!” a fourth follower gushed.


There were also plenty of people who said they had ordered a sweater or a shirt.

Chanel’s update announcing her new clothing line was liked over 6,000 times.

Although her clothing line isn’t fully fleshed out yet, it is proving to be popular, and can turn into a profitable endeavor for Chanel.