Donald Trump Will Win If Democrats Nominate Elizabeth Warren, Says Progressive Commentator

Scott OlsonGetty Images

Progressive commentator and host of The Hill‘s Rising, Krystal Ball, said on Monday that Democrats will lose against Donald Trump in 2020 if they nominate Elizabeth Warren.

Ball noted that Warren is rising in the polls — especially in the key state of Iowa, where she has overtaken Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden — observing that the Massachusetts senator appears to have managed to woo affluent white liberals, a key voting bloc in the Democratic primary.

“Now, this trend is reinforced by the glowing media coverage of Warren. Of course, the media consistently reflects the tastes and preferences of affluent white liberals so no surprise there,” she said.

According to Ball, unlike Sanders and Biden, Warren stands to benefit from candidates such as Kamala Harris, Cory Booker, Pete Buttigieg, and Beto O’Rourke dropping out of the race — all of them appeal to affluent white liberals, which means their support will like likely go to Warren, and that could carry her to victory in the Democratic primary.

Having established support from well-off liberals, Warren could then win in the “overwhelmingly white” key early states — New Hampshire and Iowa — which would then generate more enthusiasm for her campaign among voters of color. This would likely spur them to throw their support behind Warren, eventually landing her the Democratic party nomination.

The “Rachel Maddow vote,” as Ball calls it, may be enough to help Warren win the Democratic nomination, but that does not mean that she would be able to beat Trump. On the contrary, according to the progressive commentator, Warren would lose to the Republican incumbent.

The distaste most Americans have for politicians like Warren, according to Ball, has nothing to do with ideology, but everything to do with culture.

“There’s a reason why Biden and Bernie tend to appeal to working class voters and have broad overlap between their coalitions in spite of their ideological distance,” she said, suggesting that Warren, who is pitching herself as a Harvard professor with a “plan” to solve America’s problems, can appeal to affluent Democratic primary voters but not the working class, which she would have to do to beat Trump.

“To put it quite simply, Warren is a wine track candidate,” Ball said, proceeding to explain that she used to be a strong supporter of Warren, but no longer trusts her because the Massachusetts senator appears to have embraced the Democratic establishment, and now “secretly courts Hillary Clinton.”

Democrats are “rapidly moving towards nominating exactly the type of candidate who is consistently rejected by voters,” Ball concluded, stressing that Warren’s appeal is not broad enough to carry her to victory against Trump.

According to a report from NBC News, Warren and Clinton have been meeting behind the scenes. The two women have “recently grown closer,” and the former secretary of state is reportedly impressed by the Massachusetts senator’s campaign.

In late August, The New York Times revealed that Warren has been courting the Democratic establishment, quietly telling party officials that “she is aligned with them.”

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, opinion polls have consistently suggested that both Sanders and Biden would beat Trump in the general election.