Amy Duggar Reveals She Is Already Having 'Intense' Contractions 2 Weeks Ahead Of Her Due Date

Amy Duggar is into the home stretch of her first pregnancy. She and her husband, Dillon King, are anxious to meet their little guy that they have named Daxton Ryan. It seems like their bundle of joy is anxious to meet his parents as well. The expectant mom revealed that she was having some hard contractions a couple days ago.

Amy is a regular at posting photos and sharing her life with her followers on Instagram. On Sunday, the former reality star took to the social media platform to reveal that the previous night was an unexpected visit to the hospital for her and Dillon. She apparently started having contractions and went to get checked out. The doctor told her that she was having early labor contractions, but that she wasn't dilated at all. They sent her home to get some rest before the real labor begins.

The Duggar cousin hasn't yet reached her due date. She is two weeks shy of the official date that she revealed to be October 9. The nurse did tell her that baby Daxton is just fine and doing well. Amy's caption made it seem like she was not quite prepared for how intense early labor can be. She also wrote she was not a fan of being checked for dilation either. Amy didn't mince any words about that experience.

"PS: checking for dilation hurts. Hurts freaking bad and I seriously should write a book about the real stuff that happens during pregnancy. I promise I wouldn't sugar coat a thing!! Lol!"
The 32-year-old entrepreneur is at home taking it easy and just waiting it out until Daxton, and her body, is ready for his arrival into the world. It doesn't sound like it will be much longer at all.

Amy and Dillon announced in April they were expecting their first child after almost four years of marriage. They were both thrilled to learn they were having a little boy and have expressed that they can't wait to meet him.

Earlier this month, Amy posted a sweet picture of her and Dillon in an intimate moment, as The Inquisitr previously reported. Her 34-week baby bump was on full display as she cradled it with her husband by her side.

Both Amy and Dillon have their own business ventures. She has opened up her own clothing shop in northwest Arkansas, while Dillon will soon be opening up a fine dining restaurant, as well as a whiskey and cigar lounge. With the new baby coming soon, it sounds like they will have their hands full.

It won't be long now before baby King makes his official entrance into the world. Amy keeps her fans updated on Daxton's progress regularly on her Instagram, so be sure to check her out.