Ireland Baldwin Rocks A Revealing Black Swimsuit, Shows Off Her Gardening Skills On Instagram

Ireland Baldwin's latest Instagram post has a gardening theme, but she's not sharing tips on how to care for flowers and shrubs. She did, however, reveal that she's found a novel way to beat the heat while watering her plants.

On Monday, Ireland took to her social media to show off her green thumb, although most of her 550,000 followers probably weren't looking at what she was doing with her hands. In the first of two photos uploaded as a slideshow, the 23-year-old model is standing outside holding a large silver watering can. However, she's not sporting typical gardening gear like a sun hat, soil-stained pants, boots, gloves, and a long-sleeved shirt to protect her skin from UV rays and bug bites.

Instead, the blond beauty is going barefoot in the green grass, wearing nothing but a black swimsuit. The garment features a plunging halter V-neck that puts her cleavage on full display. Ireland is going makeup-free in both photos and her tousled blond locks look a bit wet at the ends, as if she's been swimming. She's surrounded by greenery, including potted plants and leafy trees lining the fence behind her. She's standing up straight and holding her watering can in one hand in her first slideshow photo.

In the second snap, Ireland draws even more attention to her cleavage by holding her watering can with both hands, positioning it down and out in front of her. This pose pushes her breasts together.

While the model's unconventional gardening wear might not be all that practical, her Instagram followers certainly seemed to appreciate her decision to water her plants while sporting the one-piece swimsuit, which is a Myra Swim design.

"Big fan of how you garden," wrote one admirer.

"You should have your own HGTV show for sure. I'd watch," another remarked.

So far, Ireland's post has been liked almost 6,000 times. However, it hasn't gotten as much love as the sexy bikini selfie that she shared earlier this month.

While Ireland receives a lot of attention for her bikini photos, the daughter of Hollywood icons Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger isn't just a swimwear model and social media star -- she's also an actress. According to Age of the Nerd, horror movie fans will soon get to see her show off her acting chops in the psychological thriller A Dark Foe. Ireland's esteemed costars include Selma Blair, Graham Greene, and Bill Bellamy.

According to the movie's plot description, it centers on "a guilt-ridden FBI agent diagnosed with Nyctophobia⁠—a psychological neurosis that sees him paralyzed when the lights go out⁠—on the hunt for a maniac serial killer in a harrowing underworld of sex and death where a demon from his childhood awaits." You can check out the trailer below.