Hater App, The Middle Finger Of Social Networks

The Hater App isn’t your typical social network. Debuted at the 2013 SXSW conference, the app is like a big middle finger to the social networking world.

Unlike your typical social network, the Hater App focuses solely on grievances. Rather than clicking a “Like” button, the network wants users to hate people, places, and other daily activities.

Users are encouraged to “Hate” on bad weather, traffic jams, stupid people, and other events of the day.

The program offers the ability to share text-based “hater rants” while at the same time uploading pictures and tags for their friends and followers.

Ironically, the apps goal is to take that hate and create a bonding experience among users. Based on its premise, perhaps some “Likes” can come out of the app. On the other hand racists, bigots and other users could flock to the app as a new form of bullying geared towards certain people and groups.

The app is so focused on being a hater that a bubble pops up at the top of the app to show popular hate lists alongside a real-time feed of things people hate.

When talking about cyberbullying, Holly Dietrich, Project Manager for the Hater app, says of the platform:

“Online bullying occurs on every social network, regardless of the theme of each app. Hater has methods for reporting any inappropriate posts, and we thing the app can actually have positive results from all the hate.”

The developers hope that by focusing on things people hate those very same users will band together to reverse that hatred and bring about positive returns. Essentially, the company hopes to turn that frown upside down on its users faces.

Do you think the Hater app will take off or will users hate it before they even give it a chance? That would be quite ironic.