Kendall Jenner Strips Off Her Emmys Dress Leaving Just The Latex Bodysuit, Instagram Goes Wild

Kendall Jenner at the 2019 Met Gala
Neilson Barnard / Getty Images

Kendall Jenner has reminded Instagram that her dress at last night’s Emmy Awards came in two parts. The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star has already made headlines for her appearance at the annual event, although this story isn’t seeing Kendall and big sister Kim find themselves ridiculed. As The Inquisitr reports, the E! show’s faces had somewhat of an embarrassing moment. If anything, it looks like Kendall’s latest activities are seeing her fans go wild all over again.

Earlier today, Kendall updated her Instagram. The 23-year-old posted two photos, and both seemed to show the floral and bustier-like part of her evening gown removed, with only the skintight latex bodysuit donned underneath visible. The first snap showed Kendall in selfie mode – some things will never change. The brunette was flaunting her world-famous frame in the long-sleeved and high-necked one-piece, with fans seeing just how sensational Kendall’s frame is. While the bodysuit itself didn’t flash too much flesh – well, the upper part, anyway – the image did show the model’s sexy waist and thighs.

A quick swipe to the right showed Kendall in a different setting. Here, the model appeared crouching down in a dressing room. Fans will have spotted the floral dress hanging up amid other gowns, with Kendall herself enjoying an adorable moment with her dog. In fact, she’d referred to the canine in her caption.

Instagram is officially going wild.

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swipe for me and my twin

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“Oh God,” one fan wrote.

“Flawless,” another said.

“Looking so hot” was another comment.

“Body!!!!!!” one fan exclaimed.

The influx of comments appeared the moment Kendall’s update went live, although that’s nothing unusual for this superstar. Kendall seems to have a way of raking in the engagement with every single one of her posts, although Instagram images for the star’s promotional content can sometimes bring out a lower turnout. This wasn’t one of them, though. Fans took to the comments section by the masses, with the number of likes coming in also reflecting the frenzy. Over 450,000 were clocked within just 12 minutes of the post going live.

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“Omg omg” saw one fan appear to absolutely lose it.

“I loooooooooove you,” another told the model.

Kendall tends to opt out of replying to her fan base on social media. The star does comment on her sisters’ posts on a regular basis, but fan interaction from Kendall seems to be kept to a minimum.

Kendall did update her Instagram with the full dress, although dedicated followers of the star would likely consider that old news.