Amanda Cerny Bares Skin In Mermaid Costume In Earth Week Instagram Video

Joe ScarniciGetty Images

Amanda Cerny took to Instagram for a good cause on her most recent social media share. The brunette posted a funny video with a serious message: the Earth (and the beautiful mermaids therein) is dying because of pollution and human waste.

Amanda is one of the most recognized faces on the planet. The Inquisitr reported that she is immensely popular, mostly because of her YouTube channel which boasts 2.83 million subscribers. Most people know Amanda through her hilarious videos which can often make fun of everyday situations. However, her Instagram feed boasts an incredible 25 million followers who stalk her pages regularly. Luckily for her fans, Amanda loves indulging them with fresh, new content on a frequent basis.

In this particular video, a rather smitten man sets up a romantic surprise for his mermaid love at the beach. He spares no expense and spoils her with a teddy bear, wine, candles, a heart, and even a rose. However, one day later, the man returns to find the mermaid washed up on the sand. His gifts lie strewn in the sand, and sadly, the reason the mermaid has died. Ironically, his note, “Don’t want you to ever think I take you for granted,” lies next to the mythical creature.

Of course, the message is loud and clear and seemed to resonate with Amanda’s fans with one declaring, “I love this.

Another said, “Plastic Pollution Drops to 0.”

One of Amanda’s followers said, “I’m dead, that was a turn of events.”

It also appears as if at least one of Amanda’s followers took her message to heart and had an opinion of his own.

“Hey Amanda, I think it would be extremely important for you to point out to your audience that the single best way to fight plastic pollution is by not eating fish. 46% of the plastic in the pacific comes from abandoned fishing nets. Banning plastic straws is not really addressing the problem! Cheers.”

By far, the vast majority of comments centered around how Amanda looked in her mermaid outfit. They showered the bombshell beauty with compliments about her amazing body.

For the video, Amanda wore white shells on her breasts and a mermaid suit on her bottom half. Her toned physique looked amazing as the surf washed over her body. The fact that the mermaid seemed to be dead did not even deter her avid fan base.

So, take it from Amanda and look after the ocean. Stop littering and make your way over to her Instagram page to enjoy her latest social media offerings.