‘World’s Sexiest Nurse’ Lauren Drain Gets Soaking Wet & Wild In Mismatched Bikini On An Ocean Swing

Lauren Drain takes a selfie
Lauren Drain / Instagram

Lauren Drain has recently proven that she’s not afraid to take her bikinis beachside. For all the Instagram models out there never appearing to get a drop of water on them as they sunbathe poolside, there’s one face who is absolutely willing to put swimwear to good use. The “world’s sexiest nurse,” per The Inquisitr, has delivered a fresh Instagram update that seemed to tick boxes for just about everything – from the bikini to the fitness.

Lauren’s video came as a bit of a mashup. It both opened and closed with the blonde rocking a bikini, although moments in between took things down a more athletic route. Fans watching the video were greeted by a pretty wild moment as Lauren showcased her strength, riding an ocean swing. While fans may have been looking at the scenic setting, eyes were likely on the fitness model taking up the foreground. Lauren had her mouth wide open as she handled the swing, with fans seeing more footage of it at the end of the video. This part also permitted a better view of the star’s mismatched bikini – while the top half was green, the bottoms were white. Lauren did seem to have a particularly wild moment as she fell off the swing.

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TAG A FRIEND who needs motivation! ???????? Let's be real for a second, none of this perfect fitness model crap ???? We're all human, we all make mistakes from time to time & we all have our moments – myself including ???? I often get emails from people saying they are too embarrassed to hit the gym or feel intimidated or etc – don't be! We all had to start somewhere & even us "fitness models" make dumbass mistakes from time to time. Learn from them, laugh at the growing pains & keep pushing forward. ???? ••• Video 1: Back squatting 135lbs about 5 years ago, let the bar roll onto my neck, elbows came up tilting me even more forward as I drove up with my butt… The result is a face plant (100% ok after the fact) Oddly enough this is a weight I've done a few times prior without issue hence no spotter ???? This is now my warmup weight???????? ••• Video 2: Doing a Crossfit WOD few years ago, kipping pull-ups with gloves on was a bad decision – bar slipped out of my hands – looks scary but I lucked out & walking away without any injury???? ••• Video 3: Doing a fun little video shoot & my feet simply slipped off the wet plank???? Even while modeling things go wrong???? ••• Video 4: The right way to dump a failed squat ???? I'm too short & squat lower than the safety bars so I have to step out – this time I thought I had 1 more in me in the set but was wrong. Shoot hips forward & let bar fall off your back ???? ••• Video 4: Another photoshop to & I almost break my ankle when I land wrong????????‍♀️ Thankfully walked away unharmed???? ••• Video 5: Making a fun ab workout video after a full body workout sometimes isn't the best of ideas – result: comical ???? ••• Video 6: Form is everything – it's always the little things that make the biggest difference. Trying to rip the bar off the ground isn't as nearly as effective as having the proper technique ???? ••• In closing, never fear failure or looking silly from time to time – it happens to everyone! I have yet to meet a fitness model that hasn't made him or herself look like an idiot at some point ???? #mondaymotivation #gymfail #failvideo

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The rest of the video seemed to serve as just one more reminder of why this star’s fit body turns heads. Lauren was seen training in a gym in a black crop top and shorts, and other scenes showed her lifting impressive weights in gray athleisurewear.

The video racked up an impressive number of views: over 136,000 were clocked overnight. Fans left over 130 comments.

Lauren’s social media accounts definitely showcase her fitness queen status. What’s less visible, though, is the star’s diet. Fortunately, Lauren has given fans an insight into this – an interview with Top Physiques allowed the star to outline her nutritional plan.


“I eat about 4-5 meals a day of lean protein, healthy fats, veggies and my carbs depend on my body goals at any given time (leaning out, gaining muscle or maintenance). I have followed a paleo diet for 6 weeks which helped me shred down 9 lbs but I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it long-term. I have followed IIFYM for about three of my WBFF show preps and was able to shred down for each of those without completely limiting any foods,” she said.

Lauren has 3.9 million Instagram followers. Fans wishing to see more of this muscle machine should follow her account.