3D iPhone Video Device Revealed At SXSW, Costs Just $33

Palm Top Theater

3D iPhone video technology can be yours for the low cost of just $33. The new technology, being shown off on the streets of SXSW was developed by Japanese company Pied Piper, Inc.

Known as the Palm Top Theater, the device feature a little black box that turns and iPhone 4 or iPhone 5 into a glasses-free 3D projection.

The device works by housing a series of mirrors that project the 3D illusion inside the tiny black box.

While the image is small, street-based reviewers have none-the-less called it an “impressive” device that delivers decent output for under $50.

The biggest concern with the device has been the use of mirrors which could break and cause the illusion to fail.

It is still not clear how many users would actually pay to turn the small display of their iPhone 4 or iPhone 5 into a 3D outputting smartphone. On the other hand many iOS based peripheral developers have found success in offering novelty iPhone items with unique features at low prices.

Using the device is very simple, users just press on the boxes indentation and lift up the cover, then with the home button facing forward they gently slide their iPhone into place and launch a video file for viewing. Once the video starts the user partially closes the box and begins watching their multimedia file.

Here is the video of the Palm Top Theater in action:

As the video states 3D iPhone video output can even be achieved with some smaller iPhone cases which also fit inside of the Palm Top Theater. The iPhone 3D box also comes equipped with an application that allows users to check the boxes alignment before each use. Checking alignment ensures that the 3D effect maintains the true picture from the original multimedia file.

Do you think there is actually a market for 3D iPhone video technology?