‘Killzone: Mercenary’ Revealed In Developer Diary

Killzone: Mercenary details and gameplay are revealed in a developer diary.

Killzone: Mercenary, set for release September 17 for PlayStation Vita, looks to be a serious contender, especially if it’s eventually released for PlayStation 4. Despite gracing Vita’s portable screen, the team behind Mercenary is hellbent on providing a full FPS experience with all the trimmings.

The developer diary video begins by showing us rustic, yet futuristic scenery in the midst of lots of gorgeous shooter footage including what may be hand-to-hand combat situations. Then the title drops, “Killzone Mercenary.”

Tom Jones, the creative director, begins by saying, “First of all, I think we set ourselves as the target of being the best looking game on Vita. We wanted to really push what we do technically. We want it to really stand out as being part of the Killzone family.”

We see footage of a futuristic gun being switched for another as electricity seems to attack an enemy from a capacitor or something above. Then what looks like a machine gun is used to target some hovering droid in the distance above a structure of beams.

We see an arrow prompting a response resulting in a melee blade attack to someone’s helmet as Tom Jones continues, “This is a big game. This is a big deal, and it’s a new game, new story, and it stands on its own two feet.”

We see a couple of explosions taking out or rendering some bad guys unconscious on a floor of grating before it cuts to a scene of a larger explosion in what appears to be a factory, originating from a heavy grenade launcher.

Tom Jones explains:

Killzone: Mercenary starts at the end of Killzone 1 where the ISA are defending their home planet against the Helghast invasion. And then it takes us through to go parallel with some of the events in Killzone 2, the invasion at the start. And as a mercenary what we’re trying to show is a different side to the war as you get handpicked for specific missions, in covert missions and behind the lines. What went on in the background.”

The rest of the developer diary is below.

What is your impression of Killzone: Mercenary?