Karen Pence Mocked On Twitter For Promising To ‘Tell The Story’ Of What Trump And Pence Are Accomplishing

aren Pence, wife of Vice President Mike Pence, talks about the United States Special Olympics World Games team as U.S. President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump welcome members of team to the Oval Office
Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images

Karen Pence, the wife of Vice President Mike Pence, announced on Twitter this weekend that she would be joining her husband on the campaign trail for Donald Trump’s re-election campaign, and the reactions have ranged from snarky mockery to outright hostility, HuffPost reports.

The Second Lady (as the wife of the Vice President is referred to) started her Twitter account, @KarenPence, a few weeks ago. Until this weekend, there was little on it. However, on Saturday, her Twitter account blew up after she announced that she’ll be joining the Trump 2020 re-election campaign, particularly by using Twitter to, as she puts it, “help tell the story of all the accomplishments under the leadership of @realDonaldTrump and @mike_pence!”

Unfortunately for Mrs. Pence, the reactions she got on the social media platform might not have been what she was hoping for.

Several users pointed out the juxtaposition of the Pence family’s outspoken evangelical Christianity and their association with Donald Trump, whose history has, to some observers, not necessarily jibed with the values of the evangelical movement.

User @SuzanneBuzz, for example, was quick on the trigger.

“Carrying water for the thrice married philandering porn star-paying money laundering election-cheating racist in the White House who cages children for fun. Your Christian values are shining through,” she wrote.

Another user, @thegodabove (a parody account purportedly belonging to God), called her a “fake Christian” who is “complicit in a fascist regime.”

A user named @john_sipher asked Mrs. Pence her thoughts on Trump’s “rampant infidelity” and wondered what she would think if her husband were carrying on an affair with a porn star while Mrs. Pence was pregnant.

Another tweet, which would be entirely mundane for any other politician’s spouse, also got snarky and mocking responses.

In response to Mrs. Pence’s photos of her pets, Twitter user @andylassner referenced Mike Pence’s status as one of the more consistently anti-gay politicians currently serving today.

Another user pointed out HBO host John Oliver’s parody book about Marlon Bundo. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the book imagines Marlon Bundo as gay.


Others brought the snark in general.

Until this weekend, Mrs. Pence has largely remained out of the public eye, a state of affairs not uncommon for Second Ladies. Prior to her Twitter controversy, the most-recent time Karen Pence had made the news was in April. As reported at the time by The Hill, she went on The Brian Kilmeade Show on Fox Radio, where she discussed Indiana’s Pete Buttigieg. She said of Buttigieg that one shouldn’t be attacked for their religious beliefs.