‘The Conners’ Introduces A New Family Member For Season 2 And The Struggle Will Be Real

Eric McCandlessABC

The Conners already has a supersized cast, but Becky (Lecy Goranson) will soon have a plus-one. The second season of the ABC sitcom will feature the introduction of Becky Conner’s baby, and it will be anything but easy for the struggling single mom.

In a new interview with Parade, The Conners star Lecy Goranson said he character will deal with a plethora of complications with her new role as a mother—and not just in the delivery room.

The new season of the Roseanne spinoff will focus on how Becky’s premature baby changes the dynamic in the already-complicated Conner house as she juggles a pile of medical bills and full-time work as a single mom with a newborn.

Goranson said the whole “tribe” will help raise Becky’s child, which means there will be a lot of “energies” providing parenting help, albeit some of them flawed. The Conners star said the show will delve into Becky’s “very real and overwhelming situation as a single mom.”

Goranson also teased that Becky has amassed massive debt after her complicated hospital delivery and will deal with the financial fallout while trying to bond with her baby. The sitcom star said her character’s storyline will touch on the broken healthcare system that affects so many real-life families.

“She’s really in debt with the hospital bills and she needs to start making a lot of money, so, we’ll see how she gets by with the ton of medical bills and figuring out childcare.”

In addition, the family is in panic mode because they’re trying not to “screw up” this kid like they have the rest of the Conner kids.

When the first season of The Conners ended, viewers were left with a cliffhanger as Emilio (Rene Rosado), the father of Becky’s baby, was deported. The Conners showrunner Bruce Helford told TV Line that while Becky will have the support of her family following the birth of her baby, Emilio is “still in Mexico” so he won’t be around to follow through on his promise to support his child.

In addition, Becky will blame herself when her baby is born prematurely and with health complications. Fans may recall Becky led a reckless, partying lifestyle before finding out about her pregnancy.

“Becky is already worried about her capabilities as a mom, and the [premature birth] triggers all kinds of guilt because she was drinking when she first got pregnant — when she didn’t know she was pregnant,” Helford said.

A new promo for the second season of The Conners shows a screaming Becky giving birth as Aunt Jackie (Laurie Metcalf) and Darlene (Sara Gilbert) coach her in the delivery room. Later in the promo, Jackie reflects on the miracle of birth with a hilarious sentiment while in the hospital nursery with her nephew, DJ (Michael Fishman).

“Another Conner in the world,” Jackie says. “What we don’t have in quality we make up in volume.”

The Conners Season 2 premieres Tuesday, September 24 on ABC.