Farrah Abraham Gets Slammed Badly As Sophia Is Seen Stuffing Her Leggings

Matt WinkelmeyerGetty Images

Farrah Abraham complained on Instagram today about the haters that gave her a hard time about her Emmys dress. And she chose to channel the criticism and create a new video, which she posted to her personal account and her daughter’s account. However, whatever criticism she received for her dress might seem like nothing compared to the new messages she’s getting from the haters.

The video in question was a collection of two videos. On the left side was Farrah in her Emmys dress, while Sophia was seen on the right side. It started with the two of them lip syncing to the following.

“I would roast you but my mom said I’m not allowed to burn trash,” they said.

From there, the two turned around and pranced out of the frame. But what made the moment unusual was that they had both stuffed their backsides.

Sophia did something a little differently than her mom, however, as she stopped to place a tiara in her hair before turning around and prancing out of the room.

This clip was previously popular on TikTok, as numerous users recreated it in their own unique ways. There’s a YouTube compilation video that captured the phenomenon.

Many people questioned whether it was appropriate to allow Sophia to act or dress this way.

“Somebody call the services! Smh what a wack job!” exclaimed a fan.

“You look good the your daugther dress like this? You are Crazy!!!” said another fan.

The comments seemed to be more critical on Sophia’s Instagram page, where she posted the exact same video with a new caption.

“Wow! Mom award again,” said a follower.

“It’s a awful video, Farrah what on earth are you thinking off? You portray your daughter in an outrageous way and you wonder why there’s bullies,” said another follower.

Another Instagram user left a long message and concluded it with the following.

“I am far from a perfect parent but teaching a child this at such a young age is a no no sorry not sorry,” they said.

Unfortunately for Farrah, it’s nothing new for her to deal with haters, especially when it comes to Sophia. It doesn’t look like the former reality TV star is too concerned with the criticism, however, as she continues to be very active on social media.

It’s hard to deny that Farrah has plenty of interested followers. The newest video, for example, has garnered almost 70,000 views already in the first hour.