Piston Steam Box Launching This Holiday Season

The Piston Steam Box is now officially available for order. Xi3’s answer to the gaming console was officially announced back in January, but now the device has a price tag and a launch date. The Piston is the first PC that is specially engineered to allow you to play video games on your television.

Valve, the makers of the online video game database Steam, is helping to develop the this particular console, but Valve is also putting together their own PC/console gaming device that they will be launching later this year.

The Piston Steambox from Xi3 will be carrying a pretty big price tag at $1,000, but the company is offering the ability to save $100 if users pre-order the game by March 18. While you should order the device in the next week should it be something that is attractive to you, the device won’t be shipping until the “holiday season.”

Getting in under that wire could be essential for making this device profitable. With a price tag of $900, this isn’t something that will end up in everyone’s living room. The hardcore gamer in your life might enjoy it plenty though.

Xi3’s Steam-focused PC console has plenty of power when it comes to gaming. The machine comes with a 128 GB solid state gig drive that can be expandable up to 512 GB if you want to pony up another $750.

The machine also includes 8 GB of RAM and 3.2 Ghz quad-core processor. Xi3 has unveiled this new machine and made it official while attending SXSW, and, as the festival continues, the company is expected to shed even more light on what this device can do.

Since the Piston Steambox is carrying a pricetag of $1,000 if you don’t pre-order, are you likely to get this particular device? Do you think something that expensive will be able to catch on?