Jessica Biel Drops New ‘Limetown’ Trailer & Explains How To Watch Upcoming Facebook Watch Series

Frazer HarrisonGetty Images

Just an hour ago, Jessica Biel treated her 7.9 million Instagram followers to a new trailer for the upcoming Facebook Watch series called Limetown.

“Fifteen years ago, a 911 call went out from a small community in Tennessee known as Limetown.” Jessica says as she narrates the introduction of the trailer.

“After a three-day stand off, law enforcement discovered the complete disappearance of every man, woman, and child.”

Biel adds that 326 people — which included her character’s uncle — vanished with no clues as to where they went.

As the 62-second trailer continues, Biel reveals her character’s name is Lia Haddock. While the rest of the world has moved on and forgotten about the people of Limetown, Biel’s character announces that she will “never stop” trying to get to the truth.

According to Variety, the Facebook Watch original is based on a 2015 scripted podcast by Zack Akers and Skip Bronkie that follows a radio reporter obsessing over an unsolved mystery.

Variety goes on to clarify the series is a “meta” TV show based on a podcast within a podcast. In Limetown, Jessica’s character goes on a search to find the truth about a mystery that no one ever figured out.

The drop of the newest trailer on Jessica’s profile was well-received by her massive Instagram following, as it accumulated just shy of 160,000 views and nearly 350 comments in just an hour since she published it.

As a Facebook Watch original, the mysterious series has Biel’s followers asking a wealth of questions in the comments section of the trailer. One of the most prominent questions is how viewers can watch a Facebook Watch original series.

How Can You Watch Facebook Watch Original Limetown?

Facebook Watch is a media streaming service that belongs to the social media giant. While it is a lesser-known streaming service that a lot of people do not talk about, it is completely free to anyone with a Facebook account.

“It’s Facebook’s new streaming service – so you can watch it for free if you have Fbook! Or you can also get it on new Apple TV.” Biel said, in response to one of the many followers asking how they could watch the series.

A quick scroll through the comment section of her post revealed that Jessica has taken the time to respond to several of her followers asking how to watch the series.

Unfortunately, those eager to watch the new series will have to wait just a bit longer as it doesn’t premiere on Facebook Watch until October 16.

For convenience, Biel explained in response to a separate comment asking how to watch the series that she had added the link to the series page on Facebook, where her fans could go and watch the series on or after October 16 to her Instagram bio.

While most of the comments were fans gushing with excitement about getting to watch the upcoming film, there were also a few that took a moment to complement Biel on the incredible bob style hair cut she was rocking in the trailer.

Jessica dropped a different trailer of the upcoming series on Instagram roughly two weeks ago. The series was also well-received, as it was viewed over 620,000 times, with over 1,500 of her followers leaving comments.

Like the newest trailer, many of the top comments included people feeling a little baffled as to what a Facebook Watch original was. According to a previous report by The Inquisitr, Biel’s fans became just as obsessed with her husband, Justin Timberlake’s sweet comment as they did with the actual trailer.