Britney Spears Causes Instagram Frenzy In Red Bikini While Chewing Gum And Explaining Book

Matt WinkelmeyerGetty Images

Britney Spears enjoyed her Sunday afternoon, and she spent some time reading in her garden. The “Oops…I Did It Again” singer shared the book and a video explanation of why she loves it with her 22.7 million Instagram followers, prompting a frenzy.

In just a few minutes, nearly 27,000 people took a moment to hit the “like” button to show their appreciation for Spears’s post. She shared the book, Astrology for the Soul, written by Jan Spiller, who also authored Cosmic Love.

In a video, Spears also gave her fans a bit more information about her afternoon reading. She revealed that the book explains why people of certain astrological signs may be attracted to people of other signs. The “Toxic” singer said that she is a Sagittarius, so she’s keen on those born under the Aquarius sign. She admitted she appreciates Leos and Scorpios as well.

Spears said that as a result of her sign, she loves independence and freedom, so she doesn’t like to be tied down, but she also said she’s insecure. Ultimately, the message the book gave the singer is that opposites often attract. She also admitted that she might need to think a little bit more like Scorpios.

In the video, Spears wore heavy black eyeshadow and smeared dark eyeliner. Her dark hair fell in waves over her shoulder. The singer wore a ruffled red string bikini while she told her fans all about what she had learned during her afternoon of reading, and the “Lucky” singer chewed gum as she talked about the book.

Almost 2,500 people commented on the post within the first half-hour after the singer shared it. Many followers let the singer know their astrological signs.

“I’m an Aquarius so literally let’s get married,” proposed a fan.

“Queen of the Sagittarius’s,” another declared.

“You deserve to have everything you wish for,” proclaimed a follower.

“Interesting! We love you!!! You should write a book,” wrote a person with an exciting idea.

“I love when you post cool books I can buy! Love you, B!” enthused a fan.

It’s been quite a Sunday for Spears. The Inquisitr reported that earlier today she posted a picture of a tasty dish of chocolate ice cream, and used the title of one of her songs, “Gimme More,” as the caption.

Recently, Spears learned that her conservatorship remains with Jamie Spears after a fierce battle over it with his ex-wife, Lynne Spears, according to a report from TMZ. The situation remains tricky because Jaime cannot be around Britney’s children due to a restraining order after he placed his hands on her 14-year-old son, Sean.