Salma Hayek Throws Head Back & Puts Curvaceous Bosom On Display In Halter Neck Swimsuit

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Salma Hayek encouraged her 11.7 million Instagram followers to “embrace” their Sunday in her latest sizzling snap. With her curvaceous bosom being right in the center of the photo, it left many of her adoring fans wishing to embrace her instead.

The breathtaking photo featured Hayek sitting on a wooden bench that looked out at a gorgeous scenic view. The actress wasn’t looking at the view. The 53-year-old had her long arms draped across the back of the bench as she threw her head back behind it. Using the top of the bench back for support, she hoisted her voluptuous bust into the air.

The photo looked as if the actress was rocking a vibrant royal blue colored top with a plunging neckline.

Mesmerized by the first photo, many of her followers completely missed the fact that the Instagram post had two snapshots attached to it. A quick swipe revealed the actress was actually wearing a lengthy halter neck one-piece swimsuit with a pair of wild, wide legged pants that had a bit of a hippie themed pattern.

As those who regularly follow Salma on Instagram quickly realized, this wasn’t the first time they’d seen this outfit, the wood bench, or the gorgeous scenic view.

Salma shared a snap of herself sporting the same outfit as she sat on the same wooden bench and gazed out at the same rippling blue water and clear blue sky on August 31. Her curly dark locks flowed in the wind as the caption of the photo revealed she was enjoying nature. Accumulating just shy of 200,000 likes, her followers agreed that few things were better than being in nature.

Hayek also shared a full frontal snap of herself wearing the same ensemble on August 10. The snap featured the actress glowing with joy as she had her eyes closed while flashing a huge smile. Salma had both of her hands thrown up into the air as she stood on one foot with greenery and a gorgeous blue sky behind her.

The photo was also well-received by her followers, as it accumulated over half-a-million likes in a little over a month.

As far as her most recent Instagram post is concerned, Hayek has accumulated just shy of 450,000 likes and over 2,300 comments in just eight hours. If the numbers continue to climb at that rate, it could be one of the most popular snaps Salma has shared on her Instagram profile in a while.

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In the comments of the snap, many of her followers noted that while they agreed nature was a beautiful thing, it was nothing compared to her beauty, which only seems to improve with her age.

Currently, her most popular recent post on Instagram is from two weeks ago when she opened up about kissing techniques.

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“You wait for him to stick his tongue in your mouth, and you kind of suck with it,” she explained in the intro of the video clip that has accumulated over 1.3 million views and over 5,000 comments.