Wendy Williams’ Friends Are Reportedly Worried About Her Health Yet Again

Astrid Stawiarz Getty Images

Television host Wendy Williams has had a challenging past year. She’s dealt with a variety of health problems and even spent time in a sober house as she attempted to gain control of her addiction to prescription pills and alcohol. Next, her marriage to Kevin Hunter was the target of vast media speculation because of his rumored affair with another woman. When it was announced that he had welcomed a baby girl with his mistress this past spring, Williams had enough and filed for divorce. These personal trials have taken a toll on the television personality and now her friends are reportedly concerned about her health, according to Fox News.

Williams relapsed this past year after getting sober and has recently claimed that she’s back on the right foot again. She’s now free of Hunter and is striking out on her own. She’s even been dating again and has been spotted out and about with a variety of different men. However, Williams’ close circle of friends fear the star may be moving too quickly.

Some of them feel that the television personality should have taken more time to sort through her feelings following the split with Hunter before immediately going out with other men. After all, the pair were together for 25 years and married for 22, while also sharing a teenage son, Kevin Hunter Jr.

One insider revealed that some of Williams’ gal pals are worried that she’ll fall back into her addictive habits if she’s not careful.

“You just hope she’s careful in the way she moves with these men. But Wendy is a grown woman and look, a lot of people who love and respect Wendy want to see her do well and want to see her healthy. Nobody wants to see Wendy in a downward spiral or a relapse, and a lot of people genuinely hope she can continue to live her life the best way she can.”

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Williams has talked a lot about what she wants in a man. Although she’s not currently in a committed relationship, she has a clear idea of what she’s looking for and she’s not messing around. As Wendy related, she wants a grown man who has his life together. It’s okay if they have kids, but she doesn’t want to be anyone’s stepmother.

“You need to live by yourself. So we can hang at your house or my house. There’s no one at my house but me. I turn that key and it’s so refreshing,” Williams said.