‘Love & Hip Hop’s’ Alexis Skyy Bares Cleavage In Leather Mini Dress

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Alexis Skyy has been keeping her Instagram fans on their toes with a variety of updates lately. And recently, she posted a cleavage-baring snap that has fans going wild.

Today’s photo was taken in a luxurious public bathroom, as she stood with her legs apart. Alexis held the phone in her right hand, as a black Saint Laurent purse dangled from her elbow. She kept the theme rolling with a pair of Saint Laurent heels.

Skyy’s dress, however, was the main attraction. It featured a super low neckline, so her cleavage was on full display. The black leather ensemble had half-length sleeves, and she cinched it at her waist with a black belt. The belt featured a rectangular, tortoiseshell buckle.

Alexis wore her hair down for the occasion, while her bangs framed her face. She placed her left hand by her neck while giving a sultry look with her lips slightly parted.

Behind Skyy, you could see an infinite reflection of mirrors with bright lights.

The update proved to be popular as it garnered over 129,000 likes, and fans had plenty to say about Alexis’ revealing outfit.

“Ok I’ll order tha dessert to Gooo,” joked a fan.

“Someone calls the police, because it must be a crime to be beautiful like that,” joked another fan.

“Bby he got you rocking that short hair,, it’s cute doe,” said a follower.

Meanwhile, there was a lot of chatter about her nails too. While it might be hard to spot at first, you can see that her right pointer finger had a missing nail.

“I know the nail pain feeling. But it always feels better after getting it fixed,” said a follower.

“That one nail missing just like mine right now. Can’t wait to get to the nail shop in the am,” said another follower.

And this isn’t to mention another update from just an hour ago, which was of Alexis hanging out in her car. She rocked a black corset top with a small, silver clasp. You could see a large, red bag that she sat on her knees, as she accessorized with a silver necklace that has a rectangular accent in the middle.

This time, her nails were bright red. She wore her hair down and accessorized with a clip on the left side.

Skyy also followed this up with an Instagram selfie video, which revealed her watch and bracelets. And even though it’s only been live for an hour, it’s been watched over 71,000 times.

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