‘General Hospital’ Spoilers Hint That Shiloh Might Possibly Kidnap Wiley

Get ready for a lot more drama headed your way this week.

General Hospital star Coby Ryan McLaughlin on set.
Michael Yada / ABC

Get ready for a lot more drama headed your way this week.

As General Hospital spoilers have said for the last week, Shiloh will be on the run after escaping while he was being transported back to Pentonville. This will have many in Port Charles scrambling to find him. That puts others in danger, but Wiley is at the top of the list.

Shiloh is obsessed with getting ahold of the boy that he believes to be his son. Viewers know that Wiley really isn’t his and the secret is about to come out. But for now, fans think that Shiloh will somehow get his clutches into Wiley and try to go on the run with him. While nothing has been set in stone just yet, there are a few strong hints that this could very well be true. Soap Central has a week full of spoilers and those involved with this storyline will be frantic.

For starters, Willow will be leaning on Chase. Of course, that has to do with Shiloh. She has got to be upset that he escaped police custody and could come back for her, but there could be more to it. Willow will also have some sort of encounter with Michael. Is it because of baby Wiley?

The General Hospital spoilers indicate that both Sam and Chase will be racing around to possibly get to where Shiloh may be located. It’s not clear as to whether he could be on the Haunted Star, but that is where Sam heads to. Then there is Bobbie Spencer. According to a previous report by The Inquisitr, she is in big trouble as she is seen in the previews coming face-to-face with Shiloh. He ends up taking her car and leaving her stranded.

The previews for Monday also show her screaming for help. Bobbie had told Carly that she was on her way to pick Wiley up for swimming lessons. Although the previews don’t show her grandson in the car seat, he could very well be in the back. Since she did mention it to Carly, that is a strong indicator that she had Wiley with her and Shiloh takes off with him. It could also explain why she seems so frantic to get help.


Soap Central also says that Brad is filled with regret. If his and Lucas’ adopted son is snatched by Shiloh, he would most certainly regret claiming Michael’s son as Willow and Shiloh’s child. Brad may just spill the beans on his secret just to get Wiley back safe and sound.

While the details on whether Wiley does get kidnapped by Shiloh are not for certain, the spoilers sure give some strong hints as to what may be coming.

Stay tuned to General Hospital to see exactly what Shiloh does this week.