Olivia Culpo Flashes Lacy Thong In Unzipped Dress

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Olivia Culpo has been keeping her fans updated with plenty of Instagram posts and stories lately. This included her most recent post, where she joked about her miniskirt on a windy day.

But since then, she’s posted several stories, which gave followers a sneak peek into her busy schedule. The stories started with a repost of a fan’s update, as they gushed over their luck of sitting next to the model on the plane. From there, Olivia shared videos of her getting ready for the Emmys.

One of the updates showed Olivia standing in the bathroom, with a giant peach emoji censoring her body. The following video showed Olivia without the emoji, as she prepared to zip up in her white dress. She flashed a lacy thong for a moment, before someone helped her with the zipper.

The video clip was taken in a bathroom, as Culpo stood in front of a sink and mirror. The dress had many tiers of white ruffles throughout, and featured a high neckline.

Additional videos revealed the rest of her look, which included a pop of pink color, thanks to her shimmery eyeshadow. And it was hard to see her hairstyle, but it was possible to see that she was wearing it in a bun or ponytail.

It’s very likely that Culpo will share more photos from the event soon, considering her updates so far only show her preparing for the event.

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Shoulda worn a belt ???? @flightphotoagency

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As mentioned previously, Culpo shared a couple of posts from a fan during her flight to the Emmys. The first video was of the fan looking visibly excited, as Olivia made faces and laughed.

“OK- I was literally so depressed about this flight… but then this happened!!! @oliviaculpo,” read the caption.

However, it looked like it wasn’t long before Culpo decided to take advantage of the opportunity to catch a snooze. The fan shared another video, which showed the model completely covered by white sheets.

“@oliviaculpo are you there? I was so excited to talk the whole ride home,” she said.

The fan followed the message up with a large “Lol” at the bottom of the video.

Olivia shared a recent update with her fans in another story. She added the following message to a video of her sitting in a chair, as she got her hair and makeup done.

“Officially wrapped my movie and finally back on Instagram… I missed you guys! let’s go to the emmys today!” she said.