Farrah Abraham Posts ‘The Masked Singer’ Video On Instagram, Slamming Is Out Of Control

Gregg DeGuireGetty Images

Farrah Abraham is getting slammed. The former Teen Mom OG star took to social media earlier today with a reminder that she digs reality television. Farrah may no longer be a part of the MTV franchise that made her famous, but it’s worth remembering that this 28-year-old knows all about featuring on television in a reality setting. Farrah’s Instagram video today came dedicated to popular series The Masked Singer, with the update itself doubling up as a bit of a red carpet moment for Farrah – she appeared to be delivering it from the Emmy Awards.

The video showed Farrah shot relatively close up and next to a rather bizarre, but ultimately appropriate, masked individual. Farrah almost appeared to be twinning with the character: while the mother of one was clad in a slinky gown with bejeweled crystals, her companion also seemed to be covered in glitz. Farrah spoke into the camera with an excited tone, as she encouraged everyone to tune into the show when it airs soon. Her words definitely sounded pumped.

“Everyone, better be watching The Masked Singer, love you!”

A caption from the star used a variety of hashtags after mentioning the show, with the weekend also acknowledged.

Unfortunately, for Farrah, it didn’t take long for the negative comments to come flying in.

“Not sure whose mask looks more fake” was a comment racking up 32 likes in one hour.

“The same plastic surgeon,” another fan wrote.

“Which one is you Farrah,” a fan asked.

There’s no denying that these comments were cruel. Farrah may have undergone many cosmetic procedures, but this star was identifiable from her companion. That said, Farrah’s changing facial appearances do appear to have been poorly received, overall. Fans seem to think that the star has gone too far with her plastic surgeon visits, although Farrah herself has not indicated that she isn’t satisfied with the results.

Farrah also appeared to be slammed from various angles.

“Farrah get a grip girl. These get rich quick gimmicks don’t work. You’re gonna have to get a j.o.b,” one user told the star.

This comment may pertain to the jewelry collection that Farrah recently announced bears her name.

“Who is more plastic I wonder” was, however, a comment that took things back down the surgery route.

A fair few other remarks around this appeared, with fans also asking where daughter Sophia was. As to Farrah spending time with Sophia, there’s been plenty of evidence of that. As The Inquisitr recently reported, Farrah and Sophia both appeared in a joint social media post.

A few kind remarks did come in with today’s video, but they weren’t plentiful.