‘Big Brother’ Player Nicole Anthony Leads Fan Polls For America’s Favorite Houseguest

Nicole Anthony competes on Big Brother Season 21
Monty Brinton / CBS

It’s time for Big Brother viewers to place their votes for America’s Favorite Houseguest (AFH). Every year, one player is chosen from the cast by the viewers to win a special prize of $25,000. This houseguest is traditionally one of the most loved by the fans and usually is not the overall winner of the game. Voting began last week for AFH, which is also sometimes referred to as America’s Favorite Player (AFP). While the winner won’t be revealed till finale night this Wednesday, fan polls are giving insight on who might take home the prize this year.

If these fan polls are any indication of the winner, it looks like Nicole Anthony could walk away as AFH for Season 21. Spoiler accounts and fan pages Joker’s Updates and Big Brother Daily both have Nicole leading their polls as the season’s favorite player. Nicole has been so popular on Big Brother Daily, that fans of the show who have visited the site have selected her as the season’s favorite player for the last 11 weeks. There were only two days where Cliff Hogg beat Nicole in player rankings, but Nicole’s lengthy run on the polls is one of the longest in the history of the site.

There has been a major campaign on Twitter for Nicole to win AFH, as she has been a fan-favorite all season long. She is definitely the underdog of Season 21 and pulled out competition wins when it mattered the most and only joined alliances when it was important. She was a crucial factor in some of the biggest evictions of the game, including the boot of Tommy Bracco and Christie Murphy.

#NicoleForAFP and #NicoleForAFH are some of the most popular trends for Big Brother on Twitter right now, and her friend Kemi Fakunle has also been receiving a lot of love to win the prize as well. Kemi was also a fan-favorite, and many are pulling for her to win the $25,000 due to her unfair treatment by Jack Matthews and Jackson Michie earlier in the game.


Nicole and Kemi should place in the top three for AFH, a list Julie Chen-Moonves normally announces on finale night. For now, it looks like the third houseguest who could round out the top three is either Cliff Hogg or Kathryn Dunn. Both have remained at the top of fan polls throughout the season, but it’s definitely going to be a close race.

Voting for AFH runs until September 25 at 9 a.m. PT. Fans can vote up to 10 times a day for any player from the season, no matter when they were evicted. The winner of Big Brother Season 21 will be revealed this Wednesday night.