Michael Jackson’s Nephew, TJ, Says Media Has An Agenda To Tear Down The King Of Pop

Leon BennettGetty Images

The allegations leveled against Michael Jackson in the documentary, Leaving Neverland, have led to both a re-evaluation of his legacy and a furious pushback from his supporters and fans that don’t believe Wade Robson and James Safechuck’s allegations. As far as Jackson’s family, daughter Paris has remained quiet and claims that she has taken on this role purposely, pointing to Jackson’s nephew, TJ, who has taken on a more vocal role in supporting the King of Pop and discrediting the allegations against him.

During a recent interview with UrbanBridgez, TJ discussed his forthcoming EP, Last Night, as well as Jackson’s legacy, the accusations that are tarnishing it, and how supporters should move forward. Specifically, TJ laid out what he believes is the best way for Jackson fans to ensure that the King of Pop doesn’t face more allegations following his death.

“I think what the fans can do what they’ve been doing. Which is look for the truth, search the truth and do your own research. And spread the news, because the nation media isn’t going to. They have an agenda and they’re only going to show or say what they want. Whether it’s true or false.”

According to TJ, the media is trying to tear Jackson down and claims that they are harming not just his supporters, but other people that are struggling with sexual abuse.

“Not just to his fans but his family and kids are dealing with the consequences of the narrative they’re trying to push,” he said.

TJ was recently in the news when he criticized rapper 50 Cent for the lewd comments he made about Jackson’s sexual assault allegations to Paris. He claims that 50 Cent’s decision to attack Paris was more immature and disgusting than his comment on the late pop star’s alleged abuse of young boys, which the rapper made after Paris took a jab at him for suggesting Chris Brown had surpassed the talent of her uncle.

As The Inquisitr reported, comedian Godfrey recently revealed in an interview with DJ Vlad on VladTV that, while he doesn’t believe the accusations against Jackson, he believes the “Smooth Criminal” singer brought them on himself. According to Godfrey, Jackson should have known better than to surround himself with so many young children with the degree of fame and power he had.

“That’s his own choice, you brought that on yourself,” he said during the interview, which is available on YouTube. “You’re too big to be doing certain things.