Yoga Hottie Nicole Woyak Shows Off Curvy Booty In Upside-Down Pose

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Nicole Woyak, a yoga instructor, has amassed an Instagram fanbase of over 274,000 followers. Her updates typically show her practicing yoga, as she seems to push the limits of her flexibility and balance.

Woyak’s newest post, which she posted yesterday, was no exception. It showed Nicole striking a yoga pose at the beach. She wore a dark thong bikini, which meant that her curvy derriere was on full display.

Nicole balanced on her forearms, as she thrust her left leg straight into the air and pointed her feet. At the same time, she curved her right leg over her head and onto the ground in front of her.

Behind the yoga instructor, viewers could see the ocean, along with rolling green hills.

Woyak’s fans left her plenty of nice compliments in the comment section.

“Such an amazing pose! Gorgeous photo!” said a fan.

Another fan seemed to be inspired by Nicole’s captions, and left an encouraging message.

“Three options: Swim upstream against the current. Hang on to a branch as the current rushes past. LET GO!” they said.

Nicole’s second-newest post was all about the splits. She was spotted doing the side splits in front of a white wall, as she arched her back at the same time. She wore a pair of burnt red leggings, along with a white sports bra.

Woyak placed her elbows against the wall, and held her face with her hands. She completed the pose by tilting her head up to the ceiling, while wearing her hair down in a side ponytail.

This display of flexibility garnered Nicole over 7,400 likes.

Fans sent her their love, while yoga practitioners took the opportunity to ask her questions about her stretching tips.

“Best stretches to get to a horizontal split? Also your top 5 go to stretches on the daily,” asked a follower.

“For middle splits, definitely legs up the wall with wide legs- it is MAGIC! Top 5 daily stretches- the first that came to mind were standing forward fold with shoulder opener, downward dog, low lunge with side stretch, seated forward fold, supported bridge pose,” responded Nicole.

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When it comes to stretching, the most important advice I give to others: 1️⃣ Warm up first. Muscles are elastic, like rubber bands. If you try to stretch them before they’re warm- they can snap. ???? 2️⃣ Use your breath. It will help your stretch on a physical level- the more oxygen that gets to the muscle, the easier it will feel. Your breath is also incredibly helpful on a mental and emotional level. Deep breathing allows you to relax, to stop holding on to unneeded tension, and let go. ???? 2️⃣ NEVER force it. Flexibility is a journey with no shortcuts. Proceed slowly and listen to your body. A pulled, strained, or torn muscle will set you back for a long time. ???? What questions do you you guys have about stretching and flexibility? Let me know ???? ???? ✨ | Wearing @aloyoga at @yogaworks |

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Another recent update showcased Nicole’s splits once more. Except this time, she did the splits in the air.

The yoga instructor did her pose in the middle of a sidewalk, with palm trees to her right. She grabbed onto one leg with her arm, while placing her other leg 180-degrees above her.

This update received over 5,400 likes.