‘Big Brother’ Fans Still Confused Over Cancelation Of Slop In Season 21

Jackson Michie competes on Season 21 of Big Brother
Sonja Flemmi / CBS

There has been no bigger mystery in Season 21 of Big Brother than the disappearance of have-nots and the slop punishment. As long as viewers can remember, being a have-not has been a major factor in the game, and something that can drastically change the outcome of competitions. The have-not punishment lasted for two weeks in the house this season when it should have carried out for almost the entire length of the game.

Things all went downhill after Jackson Michie was caught sneaking food while being a have-not. It was noticed by eagle-eyed live feeds viewers as the houseguest would snack in the shower, and also dispose of regular food in the trash after pulling it out from under his clothes. The Inquisitr previously reported of this indiscretion on Jackson’s part, but now that he has almost certainly made it to the final two, fans are reigniting their outrage.

Someone who has been extremely outspoken about Jackson cheating on slop is Big Brother alum Evel Dick. The Season 8 winner tweets alongside fans every summer while the show airs, and has had a major issue with Jackson and this whole have-not debacle since it started.

“How many past HG’s have been voted out because of a fight or being irritable because they were on slop? How many lost a comp because they were weak from eating slop? Jackson cheating on slop and production stopping it for him can NOT be overlooked,” the former winner tweeted.

The new tweet from Evel Dick mirrored a tweet he sent out over a week ago, which reiterates how much slop can affect the gameplay of a houseguest.

It’s been noted by the alum and many other fans of the show that production has not commented on the disappearance of slop at all, and fans are still left scratching their heads on why this longtime tradition just disappeared out of nowhere.

Traditionally in Big Brother, houseguests would be given some sort of punishment if they cheated while being a have-not, but instead of busting Jackson this season, it looks like production voided the whole thing for an unknown reason. According to Screen Rant, breaking the have-not rules have resulted in longer punishments or a penalty vote at the upcoming eviction in past seasons.

Jackson Michie competes on Big Brother Season 21
  Sonja Flemming / CBS

Soap Dirt has also reported on rumors suggesting Jackson’s mother has somehow intervened with the way her son is being portrayed on the show. Rumors have claimed that she hired lawyers to protect Jackson’s image after he was labeled a racist and misogynist in the early weeks of the show, and tried to control how he was perceived on the live feeds. This rumor then expanded saying that she also had something to do with the cancelation of the have-not punishment. These rumors have not been confirmed at this time.

The winner of Big Brother Season 21 will be revealed this Wednesday night.