Carmella Rose Gets Seductive In Strappy Lingerie

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Carmella Rose has been sharing a steady stream of Instagram posts lately, most of which showed her rocking a variety of outfits. But the model has also sprinkled in several sultry posts here and there. That was the case today, when she shared a new lingerie pic that’s got her fans talking.

The photo showed Carmella lounging on the ground, as she leaned against a white wall. She wore a black bra with small, gold accents on the straps. She also wore a pair of black bottoms, which featured thick straps that criss-crossed below her belly button.

Rose looked straight at the camera with a sultry expression on her face. She wore her hair down in soft waves and a heavy right part.

The model propped herself up with her right hand, while placing her left hand on her upper thighs.

The image also incorporated dancing white beams of light, which appeared in front of Carmella throughout the photo. This meant that it was hard to make out some of the details, unless you zoomed in on the image.

It looks like the image is a big hit with her fans. While the post has only been live for an hour, it’s already been liked over 53,000 times.

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Carmella’s fans took note of her newest update, and shared their thoughts in the comments section.

“That’s a creative way to filter back. Nice. Beautiful pose,” said a fan, who seems to understand photography.

“Wow!! What an absolutely beautiful and stunning lady,” gushed another fan.

“Have you ever model for Victoria’s Secret?? You look amazing and look perfect for it!!” wondered a follower.

While Rose has yet to work with Victoria’s Secret, she’s attended their fashion shows in the past. Only time will tell if that is something she wants to pursue in the future.

Meanwhile, other fans left tons of fire emoji and short compliments.

“You look so pretty,” said a follower.

But with all that being said, a hater snuck into the comments section with a piece of criticism.

“Too much pressure with the push up bra kills the boob,” they said.

Even though her newest post is all about lingerie, her second-newest post was on a completely different level. Carmella shared two photos of herself attending a climate change protest. She wore a tight crop tank and light denim jeans. She held up a sign with an interesting slogan.

“Just got a DNA test turns out I can’t breathe CO2!” it read.

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Yesterday was the start of a very important movement for all living creatures that breathe and walk this earth, the Global Climate Strike. Seeing everyone combine their voices to create such a mass movement really shows how much of an impact we can have and how extremely urgent this matter is. This is science; we can not argue with that. The studies are not all funded by the industries that are causing this destruction. From food and agriculture, to fossil fuels and deforestation, to loss of habitat, and animal extinction — our very own home is becoming uninhabitable. This is the price we are paying for nothing more than greed and profit from big business who do not have Mother Nature in mind. We have the the power to shift this narrative within 11 years, and it starts with small actionable steps like getting involved with your local communities. This is voicing your opinion and taking action now. Let’s not let the momentum die. This is just the beginning.

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