Christina Milian Reveals Growing Baby Bump In Skintight Mini Dress

Amy SussmanGetty Images

Christina Milian has been sharing a steady stream of Instagram updates with her fans lately, including a recent photo where she showed off her toned legs.

With that being said, the singer and entrepreneur has also been keeping her fans updated on her growing baby bump with a series of photos. Her newest picture was just that, as she posed in a skintight mini dress.

The post consisted of four photos, with the first one being a selfie. Christina stood in a dressing room, and held her phone in her left hand. The dress had a high neckline and long sleeves. It also hugged her every curve.

The second through fourth photos were of Christina posing with friends, including a picture of herself posing with a male mannequin. The mannequin image was something she alluded to in the captions. The backdrop had a purple glow, as Christina kicked up her left knee and held cotton candy in her right hand. She appeared to be caught mid-laugh, and looked like she was having a great time.

In addition, the final photo gave fans a closer look at Milian’s makeup and earrings. She rocked glossy lipstick, dark mascara, and light pink eyeliner on her lower and inner lids.

Her earrings were drop earrings, featuring kissing lips.

Christina’s fans flooded the comment section, and most of the messages appeared to be centered around her pregnancy. This isn’t a huge surprise, considering that she featured her growing belly in the photo series.

“The pictures from you this past year just RADIATE happiness, compared to previous years! You’re literally glowing and can genuinely see it,” said a fan.

“Your probly going to have a boy your stomach is low,” speculated a follower.

“How to slay pregnancy lesson 1277490 by Queen Tina…and we are still in the 2nd trimester,” said another follower.

“Yes!!! Allll the mannequins and all the good people,” said a fan, who took note of Milian’s captions.

In addition, there was also a fan that seemed to be fixated on the star.

“Her belly is obvious that don’t take away what I want. Facts,” they said.

With all that being said, Milian isn’t just about showing off her pregnant belly, either. Four days ago, she shared a couple more selfies on Instagram. She rocked bright red lipstick, while wearing her hair down in loose curls. She wore a blue shirt under a black one, and smiled with her lips closed.

This update received over 70,000 likes.