Kelly Clarkson Stuns In Black Mini Dress Backstage, Says: ‘I’m A Tomboy’

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Kelly Clarkson likely has her fans talking. The American Idol alum and new talk show host seems to have swept American media this month, with internet searches for The Kelly Clarkson Show likely continuing to climb. Kelly has hosted various high-profile guests on her couch since the series’ kickoff, although fans of this 37-year-old probably only have eyes for her. As The Inquisitr reported less than a week ago, Kelly wowed her fans in a sexy black mini dress as she hosted singer Meghan Trainor.

There’s been an update.

Earlier today, The Kelly Clarkson Show posted a video to its Instagram account. Unlike the promotional content that’s usually shared – here, Kelly will inevitably be seen on the couch with the famous faces she’s welcoming – the star appeared in a backstage moment with Trainor. The video featured a close-up selfie, although fans of the show likely recognized it as having come from last week’s episode. For any fans forgetting, it was the one with Meghan in pink and Kelly in black.

The video seemed to show the two women engaging in a conversation that was very glam-centric. Meghan was detailing her nails, with Kelly joining in to mention her “press-ons.” Both were then seen showcasing their manicured nails. The conversation also included mentions of acrylic nails, with Kelly mentioning her The Voice co-star Gwen Stefani.

Kelly admitted that she changes her press-on nails with every outfit she wears, but she concluded by stating that she isn’t “that kind of…,” with the star also saying that she’s a “tomboy.”

Something about Kelly’s personality seems to be infectious. It also appears that fans are awaiting Instagram updates from the show: the video had clocked over 6,000 views within just 30 minutes of going live.

Fan comments poured in.

“Lol CVS press on’s [sic]!” one fan wrote with two alien emoji.

“Omg I love ya’ll,” another added with heart emoji.

“Awesome women!” one user said.

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Fans may have been gushing over Kelly overall, but it did appear that many had paid attention to the video.

“Girl, press-ons give me life!” one fan wrote.

“Oh here should be a girl group called the Blonds. With some of the blond girls in the music industry!” another said.

A comment even came in appearing to ask The Kelly Clarkson show to get more interactive.

“I absolutely love this show! You should do a part in the show where you answer fan questions on Instagram!” came a comment.

As to keeping tabs on the show, watching it is a no-brainer for Kelly’s fans. Then again, for anyone wishing to catch all the updates, the show has its own Instagram to follow.