Emily Ratajkowski Shows Off Super Tiny Waist In Crop Top

Emily Ratajkowski has been sharing several videos lately, and her newest update showed the model walking her dog.

The clip started with her walking away from the camera, as she held her dog's leash in her left hand. She then spun around, and threw her arms up into the air, making it look like she was having a great time under the shining sun.

Ratajkowski's outfit consisted of high-waisted denim capris and a white crop t-shirt. The cut of her top meant that her tiny waist and midriff were on full display. The garment was made with long ties in the back that she tied into a bow. Emily completed her look with a pair of white sneakers and she Emily wore her hair down as she slung a purse over her left shoulder.

Even though the clip had only been posted for an hour, the Instagram share had already been viewed more than 372,000 times. The model's fans flooded the comment section with their compliments, with many taking note of her dog.

"How does she look this amazing walking the dog," asked a fan.

"WOW!!! Columbo has gotten really BIG quickly...you look Marvelous Honey," said another fan.

Meanwhile, there were also many people who gushed about her good looks.


However, some haters snuck into the comment section, including an Instagram user who made an observation about how Emily looked.

"Too skinny," the person said.

After a fan defended the model, the same Instagram user added another message.

"....my body weight is perfect. She to skinny that's my opinion if you dont care then dont comment simple mate," the follower said.

It's certainly not the first time that Emily has had to deal with haters. Even as popular as she is, she has been dealt with a barrage of negative criticism on a constant basis.

In fact, Emily often speaks out about feminism and female empowerment in her interviews. In particular, things got especially heated when the model attended a Brett Kavanaugh protest last October. Critics slammed not just her choice to attend the protest but also focused on her braless look that day.

As previously reported by Fox News, the backlash prompted Emily to speak out through an essay published by Harper's Bazaar.

Whatever the case, fans can hope for more updates from Emily in the coming days. Regardless of the amount of criticism she faces, the stalwart model continues to be bold on social media.