Monica Bellucci, 54, Drives Instagram Wild In See-Through Shirt

John PhillipsGetty Images

Monica Bellucci is back in the news. The legendary Italian model and actress might be past her heyday, but the 54-year-old is far from irrelevant. Monica appears to have formed part of the mega-celebrity crowd currently swarming Italy as Milan Fashion Week continues, with an update from the Spectre star landing on her Instagram to mark her attendance.

Note: the full-length image described below has since been removed. A close-up shot appears below instead.

Monica’s photo captured her relatively close-up as she struck a statement pose – in a statement outfit. The brunette was dressed in the clothing label whose show she was attending, with fans seeing a look that encompassed both classic elegance and a sexy finish. Monica appeared in a white blazer with matching bottoms, with the light hues here offset by a fully sheer shirt in black. The paneled and ruffled number boasted some ruched materials at the neck, although this shirt didn’t hold back on flashing some flesh. Monica’s torso was visible beneath the see-through shirt, although a sexy black bra kept things safe. Monica posed for her photo with glam shades and hoop earrings – the trendy finish isn’t just for the youngsters.

A caption from Monica thanked her hairstylist and makeup artist, alongside giving a nod to all things D&G.

Instagram is going wild.

“Divine,” one fan wrote.

“Just gorgeous,” another said.

“You’re mine” seemed to see one fan pretty confident.

Plenty of emoji responses were left – some very long – with fans also appearing to leave gushing comments in various languages. Of course, the see-through shirt got noticed.

“What is your bra size,” one fan asked the star.

They didn’t appear to get a reply.

Monica’s update today quickly proved popular, racking up over 24,000 likes in under 30 minutes. Yes, Monica can rake in the engagement like the rest of them.

Monica does seem to fly the flag for sultry sex appeal that just doesn’t fade. The star’s age-defying looks remain a talking point for her fans, although Monica refuses to push it, image-wise. Speaking to Glass, the actress revealed her thoughts on editing of images.

“Of course, when there’s too much it’s not beautiful anymore. But things are changing right now … they all understand when retouching is too much. It’s like sometimes when you see publicity from 15 years ago, you see how now it’s completely different. The picture looks so old when it’s too retouched. Everybody understands that too much retouching takes the life out of the picture. You can’t recognize the faces anymore,” she said.

Monica is not the only mature starlet who has made headlines for attending the Dolce & Gabbana show. Earlier today, The Inquisitr reported a sighting from Modern Family actress, Sofia Vergara.