September 24, 2019
Antonio Brown Attacks Patriots Owner Robert Kraft's Prostitution Charge: 'Different Strokes Different Folks'

After a few days of playing nice with the New England Patriots, Antonio Brown is going on the attack.

The wide receiver took to Twitter on Sunday morning to post a picture of himself working out with sexual assault accuser Britney Taylor, who had previously worked as his personal trainer. The picture showed the two sharing a high five during what appeared to be a workout.

In the caption for the photo, Brown attacked New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft for the charge against him earlier this year after he allegedly visited a massage parlor that police in Florida say doubled as a front for prostitution. In the tweet, Brown accused the Patriots owner of getting "caught in the parlor" while he was fired for speculation.

"[D]ifferent strokes different folks clearly," Brown wrote in what was seen as a dig at Kraft's previous legal situation.

Brown was cut by the Patriots on Friday amid two separate allegations of sexual misconduct. After Taylor filed a federal lawsuit against Brown claiming that he sexually assaulted her on a series of occasions -- including one time that she says he raped her -- another woman came forward to say that Brown acted in a sexually inappropriate manner with her. The woman claimed that Brown approached her from behind while she was bent over working on a mural in his home, claiming that Brown was naked with his genitals covered only by a hand towel. The woman said she ignored his advances, and Brown cut off their business relationship shortly afterward.

After the second accuser's account was published in Sports Illustrated, the woman's lawyer claimed that Brown sent an intimidating message via a group text in which he asked an associate to investigate the woman, and included a picture of her children. As The Inquisitr noted, Brown sent the text while he was inside the Patriots' facility, which enraged Robert Kraft and led to Brown's swift release. Brown still faces an NFL investigation for both accusations and the possibility that he could be fined or suspended.

After his release, Brown released a message on social media thanking the New England Patriots for giving him a chance. The Patriots had signed Brown within hours after the wide receiver took to Instagram to demand his release from the Oakland Raiders. Brown will reportedly lose the $9 million in guaranteed money from the Patriots, though NFL insiders said that he might try to appeal and keep the money.