‘World’s Sexiest Nurse’ Lauren Drain Drips Sweat In Sexy Workout Pics

lauren drain in a bikini selfie
Lauren Drain Kagan / Instagram

Lauren Drain just sent Instagram into a meltdown after posting a sexy workout picture, and fans are loving it. The blonde beauty, who has been called the “world’s sexiest nurse,” has been open about her love of fitness, and her latest post displays that passion once more.

Though Lauren had always loved sports, she said that due to her demanding job as a cardiac nurse, she felt that she slipped behind on gym sessions and stopped working out. It was only after she realized that she rarely saw athletes in the hospital that she decided she needed to do better in terms of her health.

Since her fitness journey, she has become a social media sensation, and now even runs her own personal training program. Her pictures, such as a recent shot where she rocked Daisy Dukes, routinely earn tens of thousands of likes.

In her latest picture, Lauren is sure to display the results of her training in a tiny black sports bra and pair of undies. The sports bra looks almost more like a bikini top, with a triangle cut and thin spaghetti straps.

Her undies are a light green with a darker green band around the hips. The darker green ably shows off her stunning hourglass figure by hugging the Instagram star’s curves. In addition, a pair of knee-high socks means that her toned thighs are fully emphasized.

Her hair is styled in a wavy lob, and her body shines from the sweat of the workout.

Within hours, the post earned nearly 25,000 likes and over 180 comments.

“Wonder Woman,” wrote fellow Instagram star Montana Manning.

“Wow you are so beautiful. You look perfect,” gushed another fan.

“Queen,” concluded a third, with three explosion emoji.

Though Lauren has conceded that overhauling her health and fitness routine was a difficult task, she maintains that it was definitely worth it.


Moreover, there was little doubt that the blonde beauty would succeed. After all, she is a fighter, as demonstrated by the fact that she was able to thrive after leaving the Westboro Baptist Church.

The church, which has been likened to a cult, has garnered controversy for its homophobic views and loud protests at soldiers’ funerals. Lauren’s family were members, but she was kicked out after “questioning elements of church doctrine,” per Business Insider.

Her family still does not speak to her, and no members came to her wedding. Nonetheless, it seems as if Lauren is doing just fine.

In addition to her successful career as a nurse and now fitness model, she is also expecting her first child with her husband, David Kagan.