Chase Carter Strips Down To Black Lingerie

Chase Carter wears a green outfit.
Monica Schipper / Getty Images

Chase Carter stripped down to just lingerie in a recent Instagram post, and it received a ton of attention from her fans. While the model has shared plenty of bikini pics in the past months, her lingerie updates are fewer in number.

The new update consisted of three photos, all of which were taken around the same time. Chase rocked a simple black-bra-and-bottoms set.

In the first photo, she faced the camera and placed her right hand on her midriff. She pursed her lips slightly, as the left side of her face was in shadows. She also wore her hair down in a heavy left part. Carter’s makeup looked very minimal, although it looked like she wore light lipstick and mascara.

The second photo offered a completely different vibe, as Carter was seen posing with her left shoulder facing the camera. The photo was composed in such a way that there was a lot of negative space on the left side of the image.

The model popped her left leg, while giving a slight smile. She pulled her hair over her right shoulder, so that her toned bod was on full display. The lingerie bottoms appeared to have a thong-cut, as her bare booty was also visible.

And finally, the third photo closely resembled the first. Except this time, she parted her lips more, and the photo was zoomed in more on her face.

The update proved to be popular, garnering over 18,000 views. Fans raved about the model in the comment section.

“Can I be half of the beauty you are just for a day? Thanks,” said a fan.

“So in love with your adorable poses,” said another fan.

Plus, some of Chase’s followers responded to her captions.

“They all look great to me but I’m not a professional,” said a fan.

“Ask people what photo, they just end commenting random stuff,” said another fan.


“I’m not goourgeous like you so I do not have any freedom of choiche,” joked a follower.

Chase posted another pic earlier this month, which appeared to be a tribute to New York City, as it was posted on September 11. The black-and-white shot was full of movement, as Chase played with her hair while popping her right leg into the air. She pulled her hair up with both of her hands, while rocking a light crop tank.

Carter also wore denim pants with a belt, along with a pair of sneakers. She was spotted posing in a busy street, with cars and buildings visible in the background.