Aubrey O'Day Rocks Extreme Plunge Teddy & Heats Up Instagram

Aubrey O'Day has been sharing a steady stream of sultry images, and this included an update four days ago that received over 153,000 likes.

In the photo, Aubrey rocked an extreme plunge teddy, which was black and lacy and featured thick straps. While most plunging necklines end above the midriff, this one extended far below that, so much so that her belly button was visible.

The lingerie clung to O'Day's curves as she gave a fierce look. She wore her crimped hair down, playing with it with her right hand while also popping her left leg.

Aubrey's makeup was also noticeable, as she wore shimmery lipstick with an unconventional touch. She drew a black line that divided her lips in half.

The post was geotagged "Story of My Light," which appears to be a metaphorical location rather than a physical one. She stood in front of green plants, while she added a filter which made it appear as though there were faint floating, glowing lights surrounding her.

Fans seemed to be moved by the image, with tons of people leaving enthusiastic comments. This included one fan, who offered a long list of tags along with some compliments.

"YOUR BODY IS SICKING MOTHA KEEPING SLAYING EM! #ohyoudontknow #thatsAubreyOday #MothaOslay #BODYFORTHEGODSSSSSS," they declared.

"You look sooo AMAZING!! I LOVE you in black, so BEAUTIFUL!!" said another fan.

In addition, there was a follower that tried their luck.

"If you ever in London, would love to show you around," they said.

"Gorgeous!!! What does your stomach tattoo say? @aubreyoday didn't notice it before!!" asked another fan.

There was also a fan that went into great detail about what they thought about Aubrey.

"You're so beautiful, please stop with the heavy contouring especially with your nose. Your face doesn't need the heavy contour. Please release new solo music, and get your own reality show," they suggested.

It's hard to know if Aubrey will take advice from this particular fan, but one thing is for sure. She's constantly open to sharing risqué photos, along with posts that have an abstract element.

This was the case when Aubrey shared another photo five days ago. In the photo, she rocked a nude-toned outfit consisting of a tank top and leggings. She also wore a pair of oversized sunglasses. What added levels of dimension to the image, however, were the flickering light filters and white lines that were drawn on, seemingly mimicking her figure.

This update received over 137,000 views.