Wendy Williams Comedy Tour Was A Failure Due To Low Ticket Sales

Astrid StawiarGetty Images

Television personality Wendy Williams has had a rough past year with her relapse, divorce, and now a failed comedy tour. Williams appeared to be looking forward to her comedy tour, Wendy Williams & Friends: For the Record… UMM HMMM!, however it hardly went as planned. The tour was full of cancellations due to low ticket sales.

Tour stops to Cleveland, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Detroit, and even Williams’ hometown of New Jersey all did not end up actually occurring. Now, it’s been recently announced that her very last tour stop which was scheduled for Mahaffey Theater in Florida was also cancelled, according to Madame Noir.

Although details regarding the final cancellation have not yet been revealed, there’s no question that the tour did not yield the sort of success Williams was looking for. Williams is the host of the television show, The Wendy Williams Show, on which she discusses hot topics and celebrity gossip. Even though her comedy tour was a failure, the star has received some positive news in the past few weeks. She received confirmation that The Wendy Williams Show has been renewed at least until 2022.

This past year, Williams has been the subject of major headlines after her longtime marriage to Kevin Hunter ended with divorce after was unfaithful to her. While there were rumors of Hunter’s infidelity for months, the news that he had welcomed a new baby with his mistress was the final straw for Williams. She filed for divorce and fired him as the executive producer of her show.

Williams has been spotted out and about with a few different men since her divorce from Hunter. However, she’s not yet confirmed that she’s in a serious relationship with any of them. She has made it clear that she’s open to love, but it has to be with the right person.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Williams has some pretty strict guidelines for what she is expecting out of a relationship. She’s looking for someone that is mature and has their life together. She’s okay with the man having kids, but they have to be moved out and on their own.

“He’s got to have grown children. I’m not dealing with a five-year-old calling me mommy. Get out of here with that! A freshman in high school needing help with homework? Get out with that! Oh, and if there are grown children, they should not be living at home.”