Manchester United Star Daniel James Travels To Wales For 'Lucky Haircuts'

Manchester United's new winger Daniel James believes that his lucky haircuts are part of the key to his success.

The Daily Mail reports that whether it's superstition or not, James believes that traveling 400 miles from Manchester, England, to his hometown of Swansea, Wales, for haircuts is well worth the time and effort, as his performance on the pitch has been stellar.

The 21-year-old Welsh footballer has been on a good run with his new club, scoring three goals since he moved this summer from Swansea City. And he still travels back and forth to Wales for a pre-match trim with his friend and hairstylist, Rhys Bell, at the Stay Fresh Studio in Swansea. This ritual that has supposedly helped the athlete extend his streak of good form.

As quoted by the Daily Mail, a friend explained that James doesn't trust anyone else.

"Dan doesn't trust anyone else with his hair and tries to see Rhys whenever he can before games," the friend said in an interview with the Daily Star. "He likes to get a lucky haircut and so far the trims are working a treat. It's a fair old distance to travel for a haircut but Daniel reckons it is worth it."

Rhys has a number of high-end clients and has a significant following on social media, including his Instagram account. He advertises himself as a stylist who accommodates the schedules of his customers.

The superstition seems to be working for James, who signed a contract with Manchester United at age 21 for £15 million ($18.7 million). It would seem to make sense for James to pay for Rhys to travel to his studio for those lucky haircuts, but perhaps the travel to Swansea is part of the magic which is working for the Manchester United star.

The common tendency for soccer players to engage in certain rituals for good luck was on display in this year's Women's World Cup when American soccer great Alex Morgan did a signature tea-drinking celebration pose after she scored, as previously explained by The Inquisitr.

But many soccer fans complained that Morgan's tradition was grandstanding, leading to complaints on social media. But Game of Thrones actor Sophie Turner defended the soccer star, explaining that while she was disappointed that her English team didn't win, she supports Morgan, who meant no harm.

"Alex Morgan, all those haters are saying this is disrespectful, I'm honored that you thought of me," Turner posted. "And all those people that are hating on you are probably sitting at home — millennials drinking kombucha — I'm really f–king proud of you, Alex Morgan, congratulations on your win, and that's the motherf–king tea."