’90 Day Fiancé’: Nicole Nafziger Addresses Abuse Rumors After Leaving The TLC Series

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Nicole Nafziger TLC’s 90 Day Fiancé has just announced she will not be returning to the series with her Moroccan fiancé, Azan Tefou, according to a report from Pop Culture.

After Nafziger’s announcement, fans began to speculate about the real reason the couple wouldn’t be returning to the TLC series. Several fans assumed it had something to do with Nafziger being abusive towards Tefou, and one bold follower posed the question directly to the TLC star.

“Is it true that you and Azan won’t be on TLC anymore because you were physically violent with him?” the fan wrote.

“No. We aren’t going to be on another season because we chose not to go on again right now,” Nafziger replied.

Nafziger met Tefou online and the two dated long-distance before she packed her bags to travel to Morocco to meet him in person. While visiting the man she had fallen madly in love with, the two got engaged and they applied for a K-1 visa to bring Tefou to the United States. The Moroccan man’s visa was denied, so the couple decided to try to obtain a spousal visa, which required them to be married.

Nafziger and Tefou tried to get married on several occasions but were unsuccessful each time. Throughout their relationship, Nafziger’s family and friends constantly voiced concerns regarding the couple’s relationship and Tefou’s real intentions. She admitted she was sending him money to help with his financial situation, which only further cemented the belief that she was being used, as previously reported by The Inquisitr.

During the couple’s time on the series, Nafziger also tried to arrange several visits to see her fiancé, but he found a reason to cancel on each time. Tefou canceled the couple’s most recently planned trip to Grenada due to a “family emergency” but offered little details when questioned during the show’s reunion special.

Tefou’s refusal to spend time with Nafziger sparked a number of rumors, including one that suggested he already had a wife and child.

“The latest rumors suggest he could have been telling the truth after all. The key omission is that the ‘family emergency’ is rumored to be the pregnancy of his baby mama,” a report from Soap Dirt outlined. “What’s more, the most recent tea suggests the mystery woman carrying Azan Tefou’s child is his wife.”

Nafziger’s family have also received messages for people claiming to know Tefou and his family. During the show, Nafziger’s stepfather, Joe, said he was contacted via email by someone claiming Tefou admitted to using his stepdaughter for his own financial gain.

Still, despite the drama, Nafziger told fans she expects to be married to her man by the end of the year. However, it’s unclear if that is still the case, based on the couple’s sudden removal from the show.