Instagram Star Ayla Woodruff Reveals Thong-Clad Derriere In Luxury Bathtub

Ayla Woodruff wears a gray top.
Tommaso Boddi / Getty Images

Ayla Woodruff has just shared some new Instagram posts geotagged at Hotel Rangá, which is located in Hella, Iceland. Her newest update is garnering plenty of attention, thanks to its revealing nature.

In the photo, Ayla is sitting on the edge of a bathtub, which appears to be made of stone. In front of the tub were large windows, which she left open so she could enjoy the view. The model sat upright, with her back turned away from the camera as she wore a lacy, white thong. This meant that her bare derriere was on full display, while she dipped her feet in the water.

To Ayla’s right was a large piece of rock that appeared to be an unconventional table. Two red roses can be seen in the photo, including one on the table and another visible in the backdrop. In addition, there was a plush armchair to her left, which was located next to a floor lamp.

Woodruff wore her hair pulled back in a ponytail for the shot, which has been liked over 45,000 times so far.

The model asked her fans a question in the captions, and plenty of people responded.

“This just made me a bath person all of a sudden,” joked a fan.

“Shower, chillin in the water don’t settle right with me for some reason,” another commenter said.

Others seemed distracted by the model’s good looks.

“The one thing I noticed was the tag is either on the wrong or the right side….. non the less [sic] the view is stunning! Hahahahaha,” they joked, referring to the tag that was placed by her derriere.

Plus, there were several mentions of her partner.

“D*mn Kian got a keeper you’re so beautiful!” exclaimed a follower.

“Wow this framing is killer with the vintage vibes,” said a fan.

The fan likely noticed the white specks that were visible throughout the photo, which mimicked the look of traditional film photography.


Aside from the aforementioned image, Ayla shared another sultry photo with the same geotag yesterday. This time, she laid on a plush bed with a wooden headboard.

Woodruff lounged in a pink bralette with lace and ruffle accents as she propped herself up with her left arm. She also let her hair down and smelled a rose that she held in her right hand. The model placed a sheet between her legs and appeared to be looking off into the distance to her right. This photo was liked over 66,100 times.

Fans can hope for more updates from Iceland. Thanks to the weather there, Ayla may not be posting bikini pics, but you never know.

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