Ex ‘Teen Mom OG’ Farrah Abraham Spoils Daughter Sophia After Slamming The Preteen, Calling Her ‘A Manipulator’

Farrah and Sophia Abraham attended a New York fashion week event
Sean Zanni / Getty Images

Former Teen Mom OG star Farrah Abraham was caught shopping with her daughter Sophia on September 21 by Radar Online. The pair were photographed while leaving the Apple store at Los Angeles’s The Grove mall, each with brand new iPhone 11s in their hands.

The mother-daughter duo seemed to be enjoying this weekend endeavor, even though Farrah had previously gone on a rant about her 10-year-old daughter. When she complained, she called her kid a “manipulator” in a strange YouTube video that was the first of a series called the “Domestic Goddess Tour Skit.”

In the same video, she also called Sophia a “liar” and “an excuse maker,” as the source recalled.

“Throughout the video, the reality television star was seen slurring her words, going off topic and having trouble pronouncing her words as she bashed her family. Her behavior ultimately sparked allegations of drug use and concern about her daughter’s safety.”

Farrah went on the tirade to promise that she won’t allow her child to control her the way she did with her parents.

“Like I just can’t. You can only handle so much before I f**king crack.”

After that, the 28-year-old parent, who was primping her hair throughout the time she appeared on camera, went on and on about how horrible Sophia had been acting during the 11-minute video. She talked about how she gave her daughter a to-do list before insisting that the little girl needed to leave her mom alone while she accomplished those chores.

Then Farrah changed the subject, talking about how her Alexas, which she owns in both black and white, wasn’t doing what she was told. She complained that one was unable to accomplish her tasks while the other did what she asked.

Another video that became part of the ongoing “Domestic Goddess Tour Skit” was just as out of control as the one in which Farrah called Sophia a “manipulator.”


Farrah began that particular video by talking about what she was wearing and by claiming that the ensemble “was inspired by being a single mom.” She said that “the ensemble was ingenious because she had a bikini on underneath, meaning that she could pop into the pool at any time,” reported The Inquisitr.

Again, the former reality star mother served up more than one non-sequitur. She ranted about her visit to the DMV and how the department did not accept credit cards, saying that this policy “freaked out” Farrah. She also admitted that she failed the written test the first time she took it, but that she passed the second time around after someone gave her the booklet on DMV rules.

Meanwhile, in addition to making confusing videos, Farrah has been pursuing other interests, such as taking on a jewelry line. She has also been taking exotic trips; the last one to Venice, where she allowed her 10-year-old daughter to wear a full face of makeup.

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