Christina Anstead Shares Candid Mom Snap & Fans Are Loving It

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Flip or Flop host Christina Anstead is being praised for a recent Instagram post that many feel really captures both the joy and unscripted nature of being a new mom.

As those who follow Christina know, the HGTV personality recently gave birth to son, Hudson, with new husband Ant Anstead. Christina has since shared numerous snaps with her fans and followers. But this particular snap, which was shared on Friday, really seemed to strike a chord with mothers everywhere.

The candid photo features Christina sitting in bed as she gingerly holds and burps a recently fed Hudson. The picture appears to have been taken some time in the morning. The television host seemed to be in the process of bleaching or highlighting her hair and had a headful of foil wraps to prove it.

She also wore a plain gray nursing tank top and no makeup and had huge wet areas of breast milk leakage on her top. The room around her seems a little disheveled and there’s a cup of coffee sitting on the table beside her. Anstead simply captioned the photo with the hashtag “#MOMLIFE.”

The post soon went viral, snatching up more than 140,000 likes in just over 24 hours. It seems as though moms both new and old could really relate to the vibe and experience that Christina’s photo captured. It was a raw, unscripted moment that most mothers seemed to remember and relate to very vividly.

Since it was published to her profile, the post has gotten a lot of traction and has been a real conversation piece as it has pulled in just shy of 3,000 comments. The overwhelming majority of the comments were from mothers admitted to just how real the snap was.

Fans quickly took to the comments praising Christina for sharing such a candid moment and sending their love and well wishes to her and baby Hudson.

“Thanks for keeping it real! I’ve been there many times with four boys!” commented one fan.

“Yup! That’s about right, you’re just missing the dark bags under your eyes, ” mused another.

A third fan loved the post but joked that she had never had the comfort of having her hair done for her at home.

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As The Inquisitr previously reported, Christina’s birth has been a hot topic among HGTV fans.

The TV personality also recently revealed that she made the decision to consume the placenta from her son’s birth. In an Instagram story, the new mother claimed she believed it was helping her deal with postpartum depression.