British Instagram Model Tia Lineker Goes Out For Milk, Describes Herself As ‘Extra’

Tia Lineker poses for a close-up selfie with a face full of makeup.
Tia Lineker / Instagram

British Instagram model Tia Lineker made her 228,000 Instagram followers do a double take recently when she posted a photo of herself rocking a bold futuristic athleisure outfit.

In the photo, Tia struck a pose, leaned to one side with a backdrop of concrete walkways and what appears to be a riverscape behind her. Her bold, galactic inspired neon and silver outfit was loud against the soft backdrop of evening dusk.

“Off to the shop to get some milk extra af,” she penned in the caption.

The 20-year-old social media starlet flaunted her toned midriff and long legs in this form fitting two-piece ensemble. Tia wore a long sleeve cropped sports top in a unique neon orange color. The shirt cut several inches above the navel and also featured a large crescent shaped cut out in the chest area which added a peek of cleavage into the mix.

Tia paired the neon top with a very fashion-forward pair of silvery cropped workout pants that were made from a wind-breaker style material. The pants included a lime green pinstripe seam down the side and included that same green in the drawstring of the wide elastic waistband.

The blond Instagram model rounded out the look with a pair of dark wide lens sunglasses and a unique pair of white sneakers with neon accents.

Tia’s fans seemed to really get on board with this fun and funky athleisure look, showering the snap with just over 8,000 likes in 24 hours. The post also got a fair number of comments, many of which were the a-typical smattering of heart and fire emoji. Most people really seemed to enjoy Tia’s funky sense of style and praised her for her “next levelness.”

“Ur another level my girl NEED this outfit,” said one fan.

“Only way to get milk boo,” added a second.

“You’re something else,” a third chimed in.


This is not the only time Tia Lineker has turned heads on social media recently. Just days ago, the curvaceous model posted a snap of herself in a revealing champagne-colored bodycon that definitely won her some new fans.

The dress, according to the caption it was a piece by the brand Oh Polly, was made from a shimmery metallic fabric and featured an undersized cup construct for the chest area that left Tia’s assets spilling out and on display. That post received more than 10,000 likes in just a few days.

The snap was also showered with the usual adoring single word complements, including “beautiful,” “unreal,” “beauty,” and “wow.”